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"Why Choose Between Fun and Content When You Can Have Both"

If you’re here looking for buzzwords and jargon, I’ll save you a whole lot of time! Just click here!

Now if you’re here looking for a good time (wink wink), keep reading……


  • When was the last time your employees and/or leaders heard some new ideas/information on how to get or stay excited about work?

  • Did you know that employees are tired of buzzwords and platitudes and seek opportunities to do things that get people talking about you and your business.

  • When was the last time you took a RECESS – took some time to PLAY with a purpose; and uncover useful and easy to implement ideas on teamwork, communication, leadership and marketing; ideas that will actually allow you to be that fun company you talk about when recruiting new people.

  • How many more organizational and flowchart type slides are you going to continue to insult your people with when what they really want are educational and meeting experiences that are interactive, hands-on and fun.


Let’s face it…you clicked on by because your group needs a RECESSitation – an opportunity to learn, celebrate, recharge and unlock new ideas! So why not bring the RECESSitator, Rich DiGirolamo, to your next event? As it says at the top, why choose between fun and content when you can have both?


Get in touch right now at 203.470.3388 or click on over to the contact page.


Websites can be like online dating. Anyone can make themselves look great. Anyone can type words to impress. Let’s start a dialog about what you’re trying to accomplish and how I can make YOU look great!



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  • After your group has developed that Recess At Work Mentality you’ll be ready to join the worldwide Recess on June 16, 2016:

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“Create an environment that is fun and you create an environment that people want to be a part of.” – Rich DiGirolamo

So if you’re looking to re-engage your group, Contact Rich and he’ll design a program they will leave not only talking about, but implementing.