10 Tips to Keep Employees Engaged, Happy, Productive, and Loyal to an Organization

  1. Be flexible: Not just with hours but how you treat them. Are they working harder? Longer? Doing more? With less? How about giving them a couple of hours off one afternoon to tend to some personal business? After all, they’re working weekends for you. Isn’t it fair?
  2. Control Gossip: Consider a No Gossip policy. Of course that means you’ll have to be open and share information with them. Truthful information; no matter how good or bad it may be. Are you up for the task?
  3. Rewards: To keep employees happy offer regular rewards to people. Rewards don’t have to be elaborate. A $10 Gift Card to McDonald’s or Starbucks will let them know you care and took note of a job well done.
  4. Acknowledge Good Work: Put it on your calendar right now to make a big deal over someone every month. Praise people publicly for their contribution. Once you get the hang of it do it more often; but don’t diminish the importance. Showing up for work on time does not deserve praise.
  5. Communication: Tips #9 and #33 in 50 Ways to Have Fun at Work talk about the importance of sharing information. Information needs to be shared: Regularly and often. Let them know what is going on in the company and in the industry and watch their reactions and actions.
  6. Training: This should never be eliminated. When budgets are tight do something internal. Each member of your team probably has something they can teach everyone else. Learn a new software shortcut or do a short teambuilding activity. When budgets are not tight enlist the help of outside resources who can share new perspectives and successes of other organizations. 
  7. Mentor: Great managers take the approach that all employees want to succeed and then mentor them to success. Be an inspiration while at the same time a confidant. The organization will thrive when you take an interest in everyone.
  8. Implement their ideas: Notice it says implement; not ask. Too many organizations ask for ideas; sometimes as lip service. Saying no over and over will shut people down. To keep employees happy implement their ideas from time to time – even if they are small ones. 
  9. Listen: You think you’re a good listener? I doubt it. Most people have their own thoughts and agendas. Learn how to truly listen to what employees are saying and respond to their comments and not the thoughts that were in your head before the conversation even started. There is plenty of time for your thoughts.
  10. Keep their work interesting: We all get bored with repetitive tasks. We all get bored being a cog in a wheel or a piece of a puzzle. Make it a point to keep work interesting by including employees in different aspects of the company. One idea might be to invite them to a meeting that will give them some insight as to the decision making process within the organization. Another might be to let them put their creative name onto a piece of their work output.

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