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Oh no, I might officially be old!

I’m Worcationing this week. It’s a working vacation; the weather is cooperating by being crappy.

But the sun did come out yesterday afternoon; so I decided to attended the concert in the park; at the Windmill. It was a 4th of July tribute – a show tunes extravaganza; music from the 70’s.

 That would be the 1770’s.

Now being on the tail end of the baby boom I noticed something. Other than the children who were dragged there by mom, dad, or grams and gramps, I think I was the youngest in attendance. I’m in my 40’s. I saw no teens, tweens, twenty or thirty-somethings. None to be found. Being young at heart I instantly got depressed.

I might officially be old; attending the concert in the park with the……..with the……………..with the…………….OLD PEOPLE!!!!!!!

But wait, I rode my bicycle there. That makes me young. I didn’t show up with my aluminum webbed lawn chair. That makes me young. I was taking pictures with my Blackberry. That makes me young. I wasn’t getting crotchety when people next to me were talking to each other. That makes me young. I started feeling better.

Well they say “When in Rome”……………………

So I sang along to the songs I knew. Okay, I knew a lot of them. I laughed at the 70 year old couple who brought enough wine along with them for a week. God, I hope they weren’t driving home. I got a kick out of the male lead singer/dancer’s awkwardly flambuoyant moves. The crowd loved him. I laughed at the people laughing at the not-so-comedic comic bits. I even ran into someone from my old hood in CT; boy, did she get old?

The concert ended with the crowd singing When The Saints Go Marching In About Last Night… the movie and Let There Be Peace on Earth Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs download . And a standing ovation!

I sped off on my bike; old drunk people were about to get behind the wheel. I raced down to the beach instead and got to see this………….


Bartok the Magnificent divx


Not a bad way to end an evening I thought.

The Caretaker trailer

But I was thinking about this old thing. And then last night on the news they did a story on what old is…………

What is Old?

There’s another concert tomorrow night. I’m going! Maybe I can convince some tween, teen, twenty or thirty-something to come along. I’ll tell them they can text or Twitter about it. Just doing my part to bridge the generation gaps.


And Speaking of Twitter……..

Follow me at: and

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Pluto’s Blue Note divx

Forget about yesterday's news. Today's news isn't even important.

Yesterday’s news. A phrase most of us are familiar with it. A company comes up with a great product. Someone does a great deed. Someone else accomplishes a great feat.

Oh that was yesterday’s news. Oh, that was so 2008, 1996 or 1983.

Yesterday I got reminded how fast the world is moving and how one big event got lost in the shadow of another big event. Yes, my mother’s birthday got lost in the news of the death of two great stars – Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

Darkman III: Die Darkman Die movies

But what about my mother? She brought me into the world! Me; the founder of Recess At Work Day. Me; the designer/creator of the Meeting Playce Mat. What about mom’s great feat? Doesn’t my mother deserve a front page link on CNN, Yahoo, or Google? Good thing I called her early in the morning.  

The Mothman Prophecies hd

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs film But by last night Farrah’s death wasn’t even a big item any longer; it was all Michael; all the time. The King of Pop; the controversial King of Pop pushed Farrah aside; the woman who not only publicized her battle with cancer, but took us right into her home to live it. And the news? Very little was being said of Farrah last night; except by Barbara Walters. Thank you Barbara for that great story.

Shaft trailer So as we all sit in our offices today and act all smug over our great products and services, take this as a warning; if you’re not innovating and creating all of the time, if you’re not providing your customers with new products, offerings, and experiences all the time, you’re this morning’s news – and that’s how fast people will forget you.

I’m about to do the same thing; putting the finishing touches on my You Are the Weakest Board Member presentation in July. What will I do to make it even more memorable for my client?

Vacancy trailer

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Join me in my Rebellion against Service Industry Texting!

So I don’t know whether to call it a Cellvolution or Textvolution or a Textbellion or Cellbellion, but I think it is time for the world to rebel against service employees who are too busy texting rather than servicing.

Driving home from Boston yesterday I stopped at a rest area to get a cup of coffee. (I’m still trying to make believe that decaf will make me feel better.) I walked up to the Lavazza counter and the woman standing at the register is looking down texting away.

I started counting: One one thousand – Two one thousand – Three one thousand – four one thousand – Five one.

She looked up, ditched her phone under the counter and asked me what I would like.

I told her to go ahead and finish her text; I would go over to the McDonald’s counter to get my coffee. I stood there for one one thousand and walked away.

Now I know four and one-half seconds is not a long time; at other times it is an eternity; but as I mentioned in my newsletter yesterday I’m in somewhat of a foul mood as I go through caffeine withdrawal. I see it in airlines, retail stores and restaurants; the staff is so busy texting and not download Best Boy doing what they’re supposed to be doing – paying attention to me and my needs.

Anyone else tired of it? Anyone guilty of it?

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs trailer

Here’s a great tip for Customer Service Leaders, Managers and Supervisors; especially those of Service Oriented Businesses:

Tell your staff to leave their phones in their cars, lockers or at home and start paying attention to their customers. You may even see your bottom line increase! Darkman III: Die Darkman Die psp

Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return full movie

So I challenge you to join me in walking away and saying no; you’re not putting up with it any longer. Do so by clicking the Read More Box and then visit the comment box and add your name. We do have choices. People need to start realizing this.

You had to see her face as I walked away. Guilt ridden beyond anything I have seen in a long time.

1. Rich DiGirolamo

On Location: Redd Foxx dvd

House of 1000 Corpses move

Happy Recess At Work Day!

The Children movie

Lost in Translation dvd



Well Recess At Work Day plans here in the Northeast have been postponed by Mother Nature. We are in day 40 of rain. So here I am sitting in my office deciding what to do for Recess now that my visits to clients have been derailed.

And then I came up with an idea…………………….

Rumor Has It… full

I organized a last minute Recess with a couple of other entrepreneurs and decided to include you. So here’s the deal…………………

RoboCop 2 psp

Join Michelle, Theresa and Rich for Recess today. And there’s a Free “Is It Recess Yet?” beanie cap & T-shirt to 1st person to find me Starbucks Watertown CT 2:15PM


Happy Recess!! The Autograph Hound video 300 ipod

Tomorrow is Recess At Work Day….

But if you happen to be in CT today………………… this could be your lucky afternoon.


I’ve got a Free “Is It Recess Yet?” beanie cap & T-shirt to 1st person to find me at Barnes & Noble Waterbury CT 3:00PM.

In the meantime don’t forget to check out the Recess At Work Day website and the Recess At Work Day Blog.

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Whether it be employee morale, employee engagement, or health and wellness, Recess At Work Day is a great addition to all your other ideas.

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Once Upon A Time There Were Two Cardiac Techs

Fargo move This morning I had to pick up my Holter Monitor. I had a little heart “episode” a few weeks ago and the doctor just wanted to get a good picture of 24 hours in the Life of Rich’s Heart.

The monitor is smaller than a cell phone with wires that attach to your chest. You wear it in a little pouch. The pouch is made of some gauze-like cotton material and it gets tied around your chest, neck and torso. As the technician was securing the pouch to me another tech walked in to the room. She made a comment “Ah, you’re getting all strapped in.”

The Moving Finger film

To which I responded, “Yes, but leather would have been much more fun.”

She laughed and thanked me for starting the week off on a positive note. The tech securing me started to explain how uncomfortable that would be, how heavy it would be and would probably cause itching.

The first tech rolled her eyes. I held in my laughter; thinking maybe she just had a dry sense of humor.

As I was leaving I asked the first tech if her counterpart really did not get my joke.

“Oh, joking is not a part of her world” I was told.

Laughter, joking and fun can be a part of every business, whether you work for an amusement park, a parts manufacturer, a hospital or a funeral home. I still believe that laughter is the best medicine. Do you?

Thursday is Recess At Work Day. Was talking with a client the other day and she was sharing how some people believe they should not participate in fun and games; even when the Division President and the Global VP HR have approved the event. They are calling it a Recess for Innovation or Play for Innovation. They are using Recess At Work Day as an opportunity to stimulate the creativity in the organization. Now of course I am bias but I think this is a great idea.

Gates of Heaven rip Maybe those who think they shouldn’t go innovate should go commiserate with my cardiac tech?

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I'm pissed off! I recognized your staff. Do you think you could have as well?

Shocked. Amazed. Stunned. That’s what I am today.

Manhattan hd

Okay, I’m really not. Saddened and pissed are more the words.

Heck, forget saddened. I’m PISSED!!!

Recently I took a moment out of my day to write (with pen) a note to a Global VP of Human Resources. It was to recognize the talents and commitment of several of the company employees. I purchased a stamp and walked it out to my mailbox. I still believe in good ole fashioned means of connecting at times.

River Queen movie Closer dvd Today I was having a discussion with one of those employees. My relationship with her is such that I told her what I did and asked if her boss ever said anything.


Fargo on dvd Nothing!

Surveillance video In a time when employees are seeking recognition (they’re not getting pay raises and promotions) would it have been so hard for this VP to mention the nice words that came across her desk. You’re in the same building. You see these people on a regular basis. And you say nothing?

Do you see why I am pissed?

Recess At Work Day Press Release

For Immediate Release

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer film

Wolcott, CT June 10, 2009

Contact: Rich DiGirolamo 203.879.5970 Rat Race trailer

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  Then She Found Me full movie

Gone in Sixty Seconds ipod

Want to Increase Employee Morale and Engage Employees? Think About Taking a Recess on June 18th

Healthier employees perform better, innovate better, and work better as a team. June 18th is an opportunity for employees and employers to take a break from the stress of today’s economic worries and celebrate their successes. June 18th is Recess At Work Day.

 It has been proven that breaks are essential for satisfaction. But what does this mean to an employer? Well according to Rich DiGirolamo, Founder of Recess At Work Day, it’s simple……..Breaks lead to satisfaction; and satisfaction easily transfers to increase morale, reduced employee stress, more engaged and healthier employees; ultimately having a positive impact on productivity, absenteeism and profits. Now in its 6th year; Recess At Work Day is the perfect complement to any Health and Wellness or Employee Engagement Initiative..

 Tiffany Metzler of the Mechanicsburg, PA School District had the following to say. “The district wellness committee decided to implement Recess at Work Day this year. It is important for our district staff to continue to strengthen relationships and have some fun at the end of the school year. This picnic will allow the staff to come together for some teambuilding, using a proven fun and games approach.  What’s better than fun and games to celebrate team success!”

Alvin and the Chipmunks movies Years ago DiGirolamo was part of a team in need of reducing stress and chaos during a data center conversion. Long hours, project setbacks, and negative reactions to change were just some of the challenges. To alleviate some the chaos, lunch got replaced with a short walk to Rye Playland (Rye, NY) and a couple of trips on the Dragon Coaster. Remembering the benefit of those breaks from the norm, DiGirolamo, now a professional speaker, presenting Employee Morale and Engagement Programs, founded Recess At Work Day as a complement to already existing employee wellness, morale and engagement initiatives. Past and present participants include GE Capital, Covidien, Iroquois Pipeline, WorksafeBC and Community Options. A visit to the Recess At Work Day website reveals it has been a big hit with big and small companies alike.

So how does one celebrate Recess At Work Day? It’s simple says DiGirolamo. “There are no rules. Just take a break from the daily work routine and engage in something fun. The possibilities are endless. Spend some time learning a foreign language with your peers. Engage in a fun communications or creativity exercise as an exercise in innovation. Rewrite the Employee Handbook – humorously. These are some of the examples offered by DiGirolamo. Keep it cheap or spend lots he says. But he does warn that this has to be a piece of a bigger Employee Wellness program

So only one question remains…….Is it Recess yet? Almost; June 18th is fast approaching.

For more information about Recess At Work Day, or to schedule an interview with Rich DiGirolamo, call 203.879.5970 or visit

Just an observation made about my peers

Surveillance movies

Taking 5 film

So I am a professional speaker. Some call me motivational speaker. Some call me consultant. Some call me The Big Kid, Mr. Fun and a host of other names.

There are some people in my world who make their entire living training, coaching and consulting other speakers on how to be better. There is even a joke within the professional association to which I belong as to how many members we would actually have if we removed the ones who were making most of their money selling to other speakers.

Orphan dvdrip But here is where I am confused. If someone is so great why are they not booked solid? Why do they need to make money making other people great? And lately I am getting more and more invitations from more and more of my peers who are going to help me be better. Seems to me that everyone is not booked solid and is starting a speaker school or consulting business of some sort – targeted at the 3,000+ members.

Baby Mama hd

Eraserhead dvdrip

We Are Marshall divx

So as I continue to work hard getting booked to speak they’re working hard to sell to me. Maybe they should work hard on getting booked too? That’s my advice to them – and it is free; not $1,999

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