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Why Are You Letting Things Bother You?

In the past couple of months I’ve been asked on several occasions how I seem to not let things bother me when they don’t end up as I would like. After spending way too long being mad at the world; plotting evil against the offender; getting disappointed every time something did not turn out as expected; I realized I had a couple of options:

  1. I could remain angry and upset
  2. I could move on

Now don’t get me wrong; I do get disappointed; which is why I used the word remain. We all do. And if anyone tells you they don’t I have two words for them…………………………YOU LIE!

But then I ask myself how healthy is it to stay in that state of disappointment? What benefit is there? So as I write this I think about you, the reader, you who probably have had setbacks and disappointments from time to time. I thought I would pass these thoughts along:

  • If a prospect did not hire you or retain your services; it is not about the next client that will be knocking on your door; it is about WHO is the next client that will hire you. Go after them. NOW.
  • If your idea was not accepted by your boss or “The Committee”, what other great idea is in your head that needs to be presented to them right now. Tap into your inner creativity and innovative thinking immediately.
  • If you didn’t get the job, it’s not about there will be another or better job, but what or where is that other or better job and what are you doing right now to go after it?
  • If your yearly performance evaluation was less than stellar start looking at how to improve rather than trying to validate why the evaluator is wrong. And once you’ve done that, get even with these:

The other day I was notified by a prospect that I was not chosen as their closing keynote speaker. They decided to go in “another direction.” I love that phrase; especially when you inquire about the other direction and they don’t respond. I can sit there and wonder why I wasn’t chosen; was it fee, style, topic, etc? I don’t get it; they said they wanted something fun. Something motivational? That’s me??? I used to do that. But no more. No more inquiries. No more trying to figure out why; instead I just offer to be a resource for contacts to help them find their other direction.   

America’s Best Dance Crew: Top 10 Performances of All Time movie download We seem to live in a world where people think that things happen for a reason. Soemthing better is supposed to happen. Something bigger is coming along. To a degree I agree. A small degree. 

The Wild movie download

My question for you is what are you doing to make what happens after the disappointment occurs. Disappointment and rejection only lead to bigger and better things if you look forward not backward; and take immediate action to get as far away from the disappointment as possible.

Or you can wallow in pity while the rest of us stampede across your head.

Are Cold Callers Secretly Glad We're Not Available?

I hate cold calling. Nothing worse. I’d rather shoot myself in the eye, eat poop, or torch myself with gasoline. But more importantly I hate people who love cold calling.

The Scarlet Claw download Episode list for full movie

I remember my first cold call sales job at 18 years of age. They described it as fun marketing. I lasted one week. Getting on the phone and saying, “Hi this is Rich calling from MCI, the Nation’s Long Distance Phone Service” got me sick. I would pray that no one answered; or an answering machine picked up. Yes, answering machines – the ones that had to wind and rewind before you got to leave a message. Remember those? And when someone did pick up………….


Okay hate is the wrong word. I don’t  really hate those people. I’m jealous. Envious. Fascinated. Anyone who can get on the phone and try to sell something to someone they do not know, someone who they have no relationship with – and enjoy it – is a godlike person in my book.

I like those warm calls. Or the hot leads. But cold calls………..Can you see me running past you now? 

The Score film So this guy Ulysses keeps calling me and leaving messages that he wants to talk with me about working together. That’s all he says and leaves a return phone number. No last name. No company name. Just Ulysses. He called Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week as well as yesterday. He called about the same time and left the same cryptic message. UNKNOWN came up on my caller ID. I don’t answer those calls.

So today the phone rang about the same time. I decided to pick up the phone. I am certain it was Ulysses. It said unknown. I said hello. The person hung up.

Faeries movie download

And then I started thinking about people who make cold calls. I really do believe the ones who do it as a job and not as a livelihood are secretly glad we’re not available. I know I was.

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FREE Leadership Presentation this Wednesday

Hey Kids!

My client is allowing me to invite some friends to this Fun & Funny Leadership program this coming Wednesday. If you and or anyone in your organization is looking to escape the office for a bit, learn something and have a heck of a lot of fun doing it Get In Touch


Are You The Weakest Leader?- 1 Hour Workshop

With Rich DiGirolamo


A fun interactive session in game show format.

Come find out what people REALLY know about leadership, their peers, and their organization.

This interactive, entertaining, competitive, and at times humbling session ultimately lays the foundation for turning non-managers into managers; non-leaders into leaders.

It also gives current leaders an opportunity to become even better in their roles.


Key outcomes will be:

·         Identifying the Celebrity Leader in Everyone

·         Designing the Perfect Leader

·         Whitesnake: Live… in the Still of the Night release How Creativity sparks leadership



Wednesday, July 29th from 11am to Noon

Valley Chamber of Commerce, 900 Bridgeport Avenue, #2, Shelton

CBS Sunday Morning News will be on-site filming this workshop!

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CONTACT Rich to register:

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In these times low employee morale just might = suckier customer service

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I walked into Pier 1 the other day. Three employees were seen near the door. Not a hello. Not a smile. Nothing. I’m pretty sure I was the only one in the store. For crying out loud folks, we’re in a recession. Money and credit cards just walked in your door. You should be offering me cocktails; be willing to wash my car while I shop. But it  makes you wonder if employee morale is so low and fear of losing jobs is so high that people cannot focus on their work.

Rosemary’s Baby movie download Now if you’ve ever been inside a Pier 1 you know that there is crap (in a good way) all over the place and unless you have time to browse it is just better to ask. So I asked for help. The response was “I don’t know.” That was it. No, let me see or let me ask someone else. I didn’t think it was my job to tell her how to do her job; although if the folks at Pier 1 Corporate want to talk with me about a Customer Service/Employee Morale presentation click here.  I walked out.

Yesterday I received a statement from my disabled uncle’s landlord (Westchester Property Mgmt, Hartsdale NY) . All it says was his June rent was not received (July was). There was no contact information on the ledger record printout. No business card in the envelope. Nothing. First I checked to see if the check cleared. It did. Then I searched the Internet for a phone number. I called and spoke to Adele. During our conversation I offered Adele a suggestion…….Perhaps putting some contact information on documents they send out would be helpful. Her response to me was that I was lucky (yes lucky!) that she even sent out the form. Nice!

Well the witch said she would do some research and get back to me. I shot off the following email to the CFO; who I had to deal with in the past when their office screwed up.

Hi Paul,


Once again your office gives me a poor example of customer service which I can’t wait to use in my next customer service presentation. I’ve already Tweeted about it.


Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation move

Layer Cake trailer

I offer a suggestion, like putting some contact information on documents that you send to a tenant (to make it a bit easier to follow-up), and Adele gives me a response that I am lucky she did me a favor by even sending the information. NICE!


How about “good idea.” Or “thank you.” Or “we’ll look into it.” Did you folks ever hear of just making the customer feel better and agreeing; even when you do nothing.


Return to Oz

Quite the organization you have there; I’m glad my only dealings with the staff have usually been with them fixing their own internal errors/bookkeeping. Keep up the great work. Superman II: Director’s cut release


Assuming she needs a copy of the lost/misapplied check for Mr. Singer’s Account,  XXX  River Road, maybe you can let me know, instead of her contacting me. I have no time or patience for arrogance. You have been quite helpful in the past which is why I am sending this to you.

Of course it was their error. Again – by the way. Not that I’m counting. But this time I put the phone number in my contact database. Paul laughed off the witch’s comment when he called me.

We can argue whether employee morale and customer service are getting better or worse in these tough economic times. I’ve seen surveys that show both are true. And we all know how surveys can be skewed or falsely interpreted. But here is what I do know………If your employees are unhappy it clearly is going to impact your level of customer service; and usually not in a good way. Keep your eyes and ears open and most importantly keep communication, team meetings  and training opportunities in your plan now more than ever. You have the resources for this. You do.

The property management company has me by the you-know-whats. I’m not about to move my uncle; but in most cases, especially retail, people have options. And for those reading this in a business where there are options, what can you do today to make sure morale and service are improving?

Please Find

Just received the following email from a client:


The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning move

Hi Rich – Please find your speaker contract and fax a signed copy back to me at your earliest convenience. Thanks Houseboat

Feel the Noise video



Nothing was attached to the email. So I sent her this:

A Civil Action film

So was something supposed to be attached or do I really have to FIND it?


Walk the Talk buy

I hope she has a sense of humor.


Would You Like A Free Fun Leadership Program for Your Group; with National News Coverage? NO BS.

This is a very serious and real inquiry.

I have been asked by a major news network to be part of a story on Play, the importance of it; and how it is used as a learning tool. The client I thought was going to allow the filming has changed their mind.

So I am offering a Pro Bono (free) program (I do request your organization pays my travel expenses to show commitment).

This is the key piece. The audience should be a group/organization who is governed/dictated by bylaws/policies. Audience size should be at least 50.

This will need to be done within the next 30 – 40 days; which is why I am offering this Pro Bono – my current bookings are not the right fit for this story.

Email me at

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if this is something we should talk about. Please send me a phone number and best times to call. Also, please be able to provide the decision maker’s contact information when we talk.

Some free National Exposure TV is about to go to some lucky organization.

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