It’s called Customer Service; not Company Service

This one can only make me laugh. Hope it makes you laugh too.

Company sends me someone else’s order. I call to let them know. They ask if I wouldn’t mind returning; they would send me a UPS shipping label. No problem.

I visit UPS website to schedule a pickup. A few screens in is where they ask for the shipper’s account information. I don’t have that (would be nice if I was asked this first; but hey). I pick up the telephone to call UPS. Press 1 for this. Press 2 for that. Press 1 to get even more annoyed. What is your zip code? 06716

Oh, we have you in Baltimore MD says the voice recognition system.

Clearly I have a speech impediment. I hang up and call the company. I tell them what is going on and let them know that I am throwing this back at them. The package is outside my door; and they can arrange for pickup.

And then she says……… “Well is there a drop box in the area that you can bring it to?”

I reminded her that this was their error and I have been trying to help and that I am not going to look for a drop box.

She says okay and hangs up.

Still trying to be helpful and thinking that the person I spoke to was clueless I called back and asked to speak to the person in charge of customer service. I let her know what was going on. She told me that it was not her department.

After I finished laughing I told her the package was outside my door and to have a nice day.

Not having a hard time seeing how I could have received another person’s goods.

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