I need 1,000 people who are looking to do a good deed & lose weight

I stopped doing weight loss motivation work several years ago. It was fun and I really enjoyed the people I met but it was time to move on to something more meaningful………helping organizations get the most from their people. Workplaces are hurting. Morale is in the toilet. Employees are showing up to work but not IN their work.

But years later I still get emails or calls from people begging me to return to the world of weight loss. While flattered; it’s not what I want to do any longer. What I will usually do for that person is email them the workbook below as a free gift for making my day – making me feel loved, missed and wanted.


Well I don’t do that any longer either. I believe that we all have to give a little.

Some of you know I started a nonprofit a few months ago to help feed the hungry. I now tell people to buy the eworkbook above for $3 (normally $12.95) and I’ll give all the proceeds to the nonprofit, One Less Meal Inc.

If your weight is on your mind………..Today I am asking you to help yourself, help a friend struggling  with weight, and help the hungry by purchasing the ebook. It’s the most impactful $3 you might ever spend.

Click on the picture above and let the good feelings begin. And please tell a friend how they can make a difference in their lives and the lives of a hungry person. I’m hoping to find 1,000 people by June 30, 2010. That should be easy since 60% of the US is obese or overweight. Let’s do a good thing together.

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