Employees are playing while at work. Employers are not taking advantage of it??

Think about this……………..

Employees are Tweeting, Facebooking, LinkingIn and YouTubing while on the company dime. I know it. I see it as I monitor my Social Media accounts during the day.

I guess the good thing is that employers clearly aren’t upset about this. The terrible thing is they’re not asking/suggesting their employees to occasionally talk/mention about where they work and the products/services they offer. Or perhaps worse…..the employee might be embarrassed of the products and services their employer offers.

There’s the IT guy who never mentions his company or what they do. The big electric conglomerate gal who never tells me about the latest and greatest appliances. There’s the hotel guy who never reminds me what chain he works for. And the transportation trio who never remind me to take the bus. I know for a fact that all these people are sharing all kinds of personal things online with me; which I like. Now I am not dissing these people; you’re my friends. Just making an observation.

So it seems that Corporate America is okay with employees being on Social Media sites during the workday (or they haven’t cracked down yet); but they clearly have missed an opportunity to get their people engaged with potential new customers.

Must I point out everything?

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