Train and trust your people and they’ll do great things.



This was the scene at the bagel store at lunchtime (12:30) today. No bagels.

I asked if any more were coming out. No.

I asked what time they closed. 3:00 PM.

I asked what they were going to do. We don’t know; the owner isn’t here; he is out shopping.

I asked if one of the three workers was going to be brave, make an executive decision and go make some bagels. They said they didn’t know how.

I asked if one of them was going to call the boss; people were walking out. Now this is the picture I should have taken; the one of fear across their face; the one of those nervous laughter smiles. Come to think of it I don’t see the same faces working at this place very often.

If you are not gonna train and trust your people your business is doomed to fail, you’ll forever be dealing with turnover issues and smart customers just might not want to do business with you any longer.

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