A better Employee Experience: 10 meeting topics you should consider

Meetings. They can be the death of an organization. Yet they seem to make some people feel important. For whatever reason having a calendar of meetings seems to validate the existence of some; yet so many of those meetings are useless. Let’s take a Recess from meaningless meetings. Let’s have more meetings that are, as I like to say, “Meetingful.” Let’s have some discussions that might be of interest to more people throughout the organization…….

Here’s a list of some of meetings that I think need to be held at offices across the land:

  1. How can I help you this week? (can be B to E – boss to employee; E to E – employee to employee; or E to B – employee to boss)
  2. Where is there redundancy in my work and yours?
  3. What policies and ideas are getting in the way of you doing a better job?
  4. What special talent do you have that we are not using in this company?
  5. What great idea do you have?
  6. What policies and ideas are getting in the way of you enjoying your job more?
  7. If you were the owner of this company what would you be concentrating on right now?
  8. What are you working on that probably has little value and what would you replace it with?
  9. What did you do this past weekend or what are you doing this coming weekend?
  10. What do you need to know about our company/industry that would help you do your job?  What do you know or can offer to share about our company/industry?

And don’t forget to add some fun to your next meeting. Check out the Meeting PLAYce Mat on my products page. With room for notes, stroking your genius, setting action plans, recording memorable moments and even space for doodling the only “complaint” I have ever received was people having so much fun with the PLAYce Mats and not paying attention to the meeting – and I would hardly consider that a complaint. It’s a great tool no matter what type of meeting you’re holding. Visit products page now.

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