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Your lost and found is an opportunity for great customer service

Damn! You left another power cord someplace. Panic has now struck as you watch the battery dwindling away. You won’t be able to update your Facebook status, tweet your next move or check-in somewhere. Of course the 1st thing you should have done was inquire which of your 5,000 friends knows someone in the immediate vicinity who might have an extra. Think kids, think.

How many plugs, power cords and chargers do you leave home with when you travel? Or visit the local coffee shop?

  • Phone charger
  • Car charger
  • USB cable for your camera
  • USB cable for your smartphone, music device and whatever else
  • Computer cord
  • Ear buds
  • Noise cancelling headphone cord
  • Auxiliary cord to play music in rental car
  • Foreign country electric outlet converters

Any others? Of course.

I’ve lost count of the number of cords etc I have left on planes, in hotels, in rental cars and who knows where else. Thank heaven for ebay, craigslist and online retailers of cheap replacements.

So last week when I was waiting to board the rental car shuttle back to the airport I was really appreciative of this sign.

No, this time I had not forgotten anything. (But there is an auxiliary cable in a rented Jeep Liberty somewhere from last month’s travels.)

What if there was a sign like this on your hotel room door? Your hospital room locker? The seat pocket or headrest in front of you? The bus? The train? The park? The baseball field? Which department do people most often seek out when they enter your parking lot or building; and end up asking for directions?

A couple of years ago I left a computer cord in a hotel room at the Mohegan Sun casino. I called the casino. They suggested I come to the lost and found as nothing was found in my room. I live over an hour away. Fortunately the following week I was speaking at another event at Mohegan and I had an extra cord from my old laptop. You would not believe the number of cords etc. I was allowed to sift through. I began wonder how much time is lost by people calling the housekeeping department to be told to come by.

But this got me thinking about the customer service opportunity created by things customers do……

Where do your customers need a reminder to remember something, find something, or stop doing something dumb? What are the issues that customers keep contacting you about? Lost something? Broken something? Can’t figure out how to turn something on/off or lock/unlock something? A simple sign or reminder in the locale or on the product might be the difference between that customer telling others about you or not?

It also might free up your employees to do more important things.

So big kudos to Enterprise! I wish those “Not Exactly” people had thought of this idea.




Are you better off than when you were unemployed?

When you have been unemployed for over one year and finally get a job there are things you should be happy about:

  1. Your hour long commute is an opportunity to reflect and plan your day, call that friend you’ve been meaning to dial up, figure out shortcuts or longcuts to go exploring, enjoy a new surroundng, or listen to a podcast, audio book or your favorite music.
  2. The expense that was incurred immediately by your company to send you to training should be looked at as a company who believes in developing employees; believes in professional development, believes in creating a great employee experience and believes in making sure you are given all the opportunity to succeed from the get go.
  3. Your boss, who you told me is a bitch, just might be the person you need to grow and develop as a person – and perhaps stop being so negative about everything that is finally going right for you. Perhaps you should open your eyes and ears and listen to what she is saying/asking. She actually might know a few things.

So while out walking the dogs last night and running into this man, he shared #3 (he shared #1 & #2 on recent meetings) I told him you should be happy you’re working and I kept on walking. I actually feel sorry for this dude. He never seems to be happy.

Unemployment. It sucks. It’s scary. But sometimes you wonder if it is the economy that is keeping people unemployed or perhaps the people.

And perhaps I need to change my dog walking schedule or route.