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I refuse to buy mom’s Christmas present at Macy’s this year

My mom wants a bottle of perfume for Christmas. Not the Jean Nate that we used to buy my grandmother for every holiday or special occasion; something much more expensive. After all, you should smell nice for your 4 doctor visits each week. As well as your trips to the pharmacy to buy……..well I won’t go there.

Now before you jump down my throat I am just having some fun. Yes, mom wants to smell nice and that’s all that matters. I just find it sad other than her occasional date with me she only gets to wear her perfume to medical appointments.

I usually purchase her perfume at Macy’s. This year I refuse to walk through their doors. Last night I had the pleasure of chatting with a Macy’s seasonal staff person. She was hired as a “ringer” in the fragrance dept. And frankly I was horrified as to how this person is being treated. Without the details here’s the highlights of the conversation:

  • No welcome by the department manager on day one. Seems that everything is HR driven and you are told to report to training and then report to your work station. Several days or weeks later you might meet or find out who runs your department.
  • Do not do anything but look at your register. Do not offer to help. Do not suggest anything. Do not touch anything other than the product being purchased. Just ring up purchases. (Now you can use your cell phone if there are no purchases to be rung up.)
  • Do not ever open a counter draw to look inside. Clearly you will be accused of stealing versus being proactive and maybe learning a bit more about the product you are ringing up.
  • If you make a mistake expect to be berated in front of other staff and customers. And when you suggest the berater cease their behavior in front of others and you walk away, expect that person to follow you and continue on with their unprofessional behavior.
  • Expect other Commissioned Cosmetic Snobs to be stupid and talk about you; not knowing they are talking to the person they are actually trashing.
  • Understand that as a seasonal ringer, on the company food chain,  you are often the dust that clings to the dirt on the bottom of a shoe.

Need I go on?

I guess this is why two hours after this person started working, on her first day, she was asked to report to HR to complete a survey about employment after the holidays. Nothing like getting people’s hopes up before the true “team spirit” shines.

I know they are seasonal help. I know they are just pawns. But seriously Macy’s (and other retailers I am sure), you need to get your act together here and teach your managers how to manage and give your staff some well needed training on respect. Seasonal Employees deserve to be happy too. It’s the least you can do to offset the pathetic minimum wage being provided.