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"Why Choose Between Fun and Content When You Can Have Both"

It’s not about thanking customers; it’s when and how

At the Double D Diner: The World’s Only Virtual Diner Fighting Hunger, everyone gets a personal CUSTOM thanks when they make a donation. Everyone. Whether that donation be $1.89 for a cup of coffee or several hundreds of dollars by ordering a virtual feast or banquet of desserts. Every customer gets treated DDequally.

Thanks come in the form of poems, revised lyrics written to an old favorite tune, a twitter shout out, a Facebook mention, a handwritten note, a pin, or in some other surprise manner. You’ll have to make a donation and see how Clyde Sdale thanks you in that surprise manner! Every donor gets a personal thanks. Every. Single. One.

Does it take time? Of course it does. But it is one of the things that sets The Double D apart from other charitable organizations. It’s just one of the things that The Double D is doing to break the mold of boring, old archaic charity business models. It’s the reason some donors, so they say, continue to come back and donate over and over and over and over again! For the fun!

Every business has an opportunity to set a standard, to set themselves apart from the rest. Some do it. Some don’t. Others could care less. What about your business?

When was the last time you were personally thanked by a business you frequent? How did they do it? Now sure we get the obligatory thank you right as the transaction comes to a close, but frankly, I can’t remember the last time I received an after-the-transaction thank you for my purchase or my loyalty. Like when I got home? Or the next day?

In this connected world that we live in it should be so easy for employees and business owners to thank customers. And I think if you’re a smart business owner you and your staff should be striving to do just that!

Often I ask myself why do we keep going back to those places, when let’s face it, there are probably so many other options; perhaps even with employees and owners who are ready to appreciate your business  – and your loyalty…………..




Tons of fun with Rich and Steve!

DiGirolamo Gamlin

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Is your service business faster than a McDonald’s Drive Thru?

I arrived for my 8:20 appointment at 8:13. The waiting area was crowded.

At 8:14 Mary was called in. Mary was older; didn’t move too fast.

Mary came back through the door at 8:18.Dr Gart

Mohammed was called in as Mary entered the waiting area.

“Looks great. Have a great day” I hear from around the corner. It’s 8:21

“Rich” said the doctor as enters the waiting room to welcome and escort me back into the office.

I am laughing. He asked me what was so amusing.

“You should sell breakfast cuz you’re faster than a McDonald’s Drive Thru” I told him.

“At least coffee and donuts” he responded.

We walked into the office. Told him why I was there. “Let’s do it!” he says.

Roll up pant leg. ZAP! Remove Shirt. Zap! Zap! Zap!

Shakes my hand. Tells me to come back when I need him again.

Walks me out. Thanks me for coming back to him. Tells me I’m all set.

“And you’re more personable than the McDonald’s Drive Thru too!” I reply.

“Jonah…….” I hear behind me. Glance at my phone. It’s 8:26

Fun. Great sense of humor. Fast. Personable. Greets the patient. Escorts them to the lobby. Keeps to his schedule. Appreciates my business. Doesn’t add layers to the transaction/process. A lot to learn for any service business.


Big LIKE: Rewarding your customers for complaining.

In the past year I have found that Twitter is a much better way to get in touch with people at a company when you need to share your customer experience – good or bad.

So when I Tweeted TD Bank about their new ATM’s being anything but convenient, they tweeted me back and asked for some contact information. I sent it along.

9 days later, New Years Eve, I get a call from some person who introduced himself as the Sr. VP of …………………I really didn’t pay attention. I could care less about titles. Clearly he thought it was important to tell me who and what he was.

We had a great talk for about 10 minutes where I discussed how “inconvenient” the new ATM’s seem to be. While I applauded the bank for going envelope free; having to deposit each check as a separate transaction (re-insert card; enter pin) and not being able to deposit cash and checks in one transaction (at some of their new machines you can) made no sense. New machines. Two different types. Different programming.

But was funniest was his reaction when I told him it would also be nice if you had a pen available at the ATM. With the envelopes also went the pens. Trust me if that check is deposited without a signature you know it is coming back to you.

“You have 600,000 pens available inside the branch” I mentioned. 

Sr. VP of Whatever was beside himself about the pen. “That’s our signature. Our pens.” he said to me; and promised he was going to get on this matter. Wished me a Happy New Year and we hung up. Okay, I think the other thing is more important, but hey, at TD Bank (as we can see from a current TV commercial) their branding really is all about the pen. 

Today  I got a letter from my friend; thanking me for our conversation, thanking me for bringing the matters to his attention and that changes are already in the works. And with that letter ……….


Not one, but two $25 gift cards.

TD Gift Cards

So many companies fail to realize that a customer complaint is an opportunity to be better. TD Bank does. And they even rewarded me for it. What are you doing with your customer complaints? And how are you rewarding your customers for complaining. 


The Science and Art of Collaboration


He’s a consultant. He’s an engineer. He’s a scientist. He likes graphs and charts and research and statistics and numbers and detailed information.

I’m a speaker. I’m a performer. I like to play. I use the spoken word and interactive exercises to get my points across; to get people “doing” in order to learn. I use experiences and successes of others to move people forward.

At the end of the day we both want to deliver the same results. A happier and more productive workplace; where people are excited to show up every day; and the boss is excited to have those people show up.

So when he approached me earlier this year about working together it was like art meets science. He has a cool employee performance and productivity tool that he developed. I instantly saw the benefits of this tool for my clients and how it could also be a fun learning experience. He found me on LinkedIn, did some homework (stalking) on me and thought his tool with my network and style could be a good thing.

We talked. We met when I was speaking in California. We both saw the benefits of working together.

Fast forward……………….

Communication between us is downright funny. He goes on and on and on. He sends me PowerPoint slides with more words on one slide than I might use in an entire keynote. (Just kidding. Well maybe not.) He sends marketing material that has me pulling the last few hairs out of my head. Not because of the information; but because of the length. I respond with short emails that lead to miscommunication. I’d rather talk. But make it a brief conversation. He’ll spend over an hour on the phone talking things that excite him.

So today I did what I should have done back in October. I sent him an email telling him I was A.D.D.D.D.D.D.D.D.D.D.D.D.D.D.D.D. (Not being mean; having a little fun here.)

Told him that we both needed to compromise here. I am willing to get a “little” more detailed; but he has to be willing to give me a “lot less” to work with.

Collaboration is a great thing. And opposites really can teach you so much about yourself. But it is even greater when you set the expectations before getting into the details.

Can’t wait to see where this is going!