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Why the TV news outlets suck! An open letter

Dear TV News Outlets,

You suck! All of you. Well almost all of you.

Last night I was flipping from news station to news station as the Carnival Triumph had arrived in Mobile, Alabama. I was excited to see people waving and cheering and applauding from those on the decks; as well as those waiting for passengers on the dock.

Many of you were interviewing people via phone. Most of you seemed to be looking for stories of doom and gloom and horrible conditions and poor service by Carnival. Shame on you.  Wouldn’t it have been awesome if you had focused on how people persevered? How they made the best of a bad situation? To let us hear more stories of good and hope and human kindness? Stories of how people helped one another get through the ordeal? To see you grasping for a story that isn’t there is like watching bar drunks at closing time deciding who looks a whole lot better than they did three hours prior; hoping to score.

I have some NEWS for you folks. We’re tired of stories that make people look bad. We’re tired of you looking for things that aren’t there in hopes to see your ratings soar. We’re tired of you concentrating on the bad rather than all the good that is going on in this world. We’re tired of you twisting stories. We’re tired of you!

It’s about time you cleaned up your act. Who’s gonna be first? 



An open letter to cold call salespeople

Dear Salesperson,

My business name is in my email address. So it is very easy for you to go to my website and see what I’m about.

Every email address we use at the charity I founded has our organization name as part of the address.cold call

So it behooves me when I sign up for a free newsletter, webinar, etc and I receive a sales call from you which starts out by asking me “what type/kind of business I run.”

If you can’t take 30 – 60 seconds and do a little bit of homework on a prospect why would we think you’re gonna go above and beyond if we become your customer?

You’re very welcome for this free training tip,
Rich DiGirolamo
on behalf of every prospect on the other end of your call