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Give yourself or your employees a day off………the grid

Last week was my birOff the gridthday. I gave myself a present. I went off the grid for 24 hours. I took three phone calls from family in the morning and that was it. (Didn’t want to listen to mom yell at me the next day.) Then I turned off my phone.

I took a drive through New England. No web surfing. No Facebook. No Twitter. No LinkedIn. No Google+. No phone GPS. No Starbucks App. No looking for a recommendation. I think you get the point.

Later in the week I went away to do some writing/editing of my next book. I got an early check-in at a Residence Inn and spent the next 24 hours off the grid again. I sat by the hotel pool area and wrote on my laptop – with connectivity turned off. When I needed a diversion I went in the hot tub or for a quick swim.


In the late afternoon I transferred my document to a flash drive and printed it in the hotel business center. I found my way (GPS-less) over to the Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island. I walked a bit, then sat and edited. Walked a bit more. Edited some more.


Here’s what I “learned” from my two days off the grid; and I use the word learned loosely because I don’t think the learning is shocking, but rather a reminder:

  • You can get a heck of a lot done when you’re not 20130425_153530distracted
  • It’s much more fun to be doing (experiencing) things than to be reporting your every move to 4,312 other people.
  • You find out you really didn’t miss much when you return back to the grid 24 hours later
  • People don’t really care, nor do they notice, that you were gone


So instead of worrying about who you’re going to impress why not take a day to go impress yourself. Get off the grid. Get some work done. Have some fun. Finish that project. Renew that romance. Get your creative juices flowing without technology.

If you’re a boss maybe you should consider a day when all grid distractions are removed from employees for a day. I bet a lot more could get done. I bet a lot of great ideas would emerge.

Take a day off the grid soon. I highly recommend it!