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Train your employees to return lost wallets. Customers will love you!

Have you ever misplaced your keys? Your wallet?

Sure you have. We all have.

You start retracing your steps? Okay, last place I had it was here. And then I went into that room. Then I stopped to pee. After that I put my coat on. Then I went out to the car…………


This is the real Batman. Not that Dark Knight dude.

With me?

Of course you are.

The other day I lost my wallet. After 45 minutes of retracing steps and looking four times in the same 15″ square under the car seat I decided to call my local market, where I had been that morning. They had found the wallet. Or some honest person had turned it in.

But I did need to ask why no one called me. I was curious. In my wallet was my license and a few business cards. I was told they looked me up in the phone book and there was no listing.

Wow was all I could think. My business cards were in there. They couldn’t Google my name off of my license? They went to the phone book?????? Who the heck goes to the phone book anymore? Especially 20 and 30-somethings? (And yes I know one or two of you reading this is going to say you do. You’re in the minority and furthering the destruction of our environment.)

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m appreciative that my wallet was found and it doesn’t appear as if credit card hanky panky is going on. But in a place that I frequent regularly I have to tell you I was disappointed. Very disappointed.

Last summer I found a wallet on the beach in Rhode Island. The license was from CT. I Googled the owner. There were several listings. I called them and left a message. I made one more call. The Park and Rec Superintendent of the town where the man lives is a client. I called her and asked if she could help. 20 minutes later I had a better number to reach the guy. Two days later he was reunited with his wallet and all his contents. I went through every nook and cranny of his wallet looking for anything that would lead me back to him. The phone book never crossed my mind.

More and more each day I see common sense no longer in use. Yesterday leaving a convention center there was only one lane open to pay. I was about 6th in line. As I pulled forward I noticed a sign against a wall that said credit card payments to the left. When it was my turn to pay I asked if the other lane was out of order. The woman replied no. I suggested she make the sign visible; that it would probably make a lot of people happy. No one was using the darkened lane. It appeared closed. She appeared less than eager to help move customers along.

“Oh, you weren’t listed in the phone book” tells me you sorta tried. Again, for which I am grateful. But really with every employee on this planet glued to their phones, during work hours, it could have been very easy to give someone that task to track me down. Had they wanted to go the extra mile. Had they truly understood the value of a loyal customer.