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Overwhelmed? Play Hooky. From Life!

  • The mess on your desk
  • The numerous projects you’re multi-tasking
  • The health issues of family members
  • Your own health issues
  • Your lawn with the overgrown weeds
  • The bedroom which should now be referred to as the laundry basket
  • There’s a sink under those dishes somewhere
  • The calls and emails that need to be returned
  • The customer who thinks she is your only customer
  • The person you’re collaborating with who is not on the same schedule
  • The volunteer committee waiting for your answer or your deliverables
  • The sales pitch you’re preparing
  • The breath on your neck from the boss who is micromanaging you
  • The events you’re hosting soon
  • The back to school list that needs your attention
  • And anything else I’ve left off


Does this list sound or look familiar? Here’s my answer to that feeling of overwhelm.

Play Hooky!

From Life!

 Andrea Hotel view

Go the park. Go to the mountains. Go to the beach. Go for a bike ride. Take a long hike. Go to an amusement park. Spend the day at a spa. People watch. Stroll the streets of that cute little town you keep driving through. Get away from everyone and everything that is overwhelming you.


I’m fascinated that when overwhelm has set in most people stay there. We think we’re being tested. We feel we are only given what we can handle. We try to prove something to ourselves (Newsflash: yep, no one else really cares what you’re juggling; cuz they’re juggling the same things.)

So I followed the doctor’s orders yesterday. Dr. Me! I headed to the beach with my friends. Threw my bike in the back of the truck and had them drop me off 22 miles away from the beach. Took a bike ride, walked the beach, listened to music (classic disco), read Mad Magazine, had a cocktail on the deck of the outdoor bar, got yelled at by an old drunk who wanted me to sit next to him at the bar, and talked with strangers.

Okay, I answered 3 emails. Personal ones. About catching up.

And today I’m ready to rock and roll.

We all know the feeling of overwhelm. I remember many years ago having a boss who periodically would tell people to call out sick tomorrow. She got it. She knew when people were living in overwhelm and really were of no use to her. But I don’t think we need someone to recognize that feeling. And I certainly don’t think we need permission from anyone but ourselves.

So if you’re there……………play hooky. Leave your cares at home or the office for one day and go play. All your stuff will still be there tomorrow. But maybe you’ll approach it with a new perspective.

Now get back to work.



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