26 things your employees want…..from A to Z

  Acknowledgment Benefits Communication Dialog Ego-free bosses Feedback Glasses that are half full Humor Ideas Justification Kudos Learning moments Motivation Nudges when needed Opportunity Playtime Quick answers Recognition Status updates Truth Use of all their skills Vacation Window offices Xeroxes Yes answers Zero tolerance for unethical behavior

Was it a mistake or intentional deceit?

It wasn’t a mistake! You tried to screw others! You were deceitful? You tried to pull one over and now you’ve been caught. You thought you’d get away with it. The boss wouldn’t find out. Your employees would never know they were part of your deceit. The public will have no idea. But that’s not what happened. Now what? Up until now most people have thought they only had three options. But there are actually four!   1. Lie – Done well by politicians, sports figures, and irresponsible CEO’s. Although don’t be so sure your Employee of the Month isn’t a big ole scam artist! And even with all the evidence building up against these people they continue to deny, deny, and lie. Even when the rest of us know the truth. Yikes! 2. Play The Word Game – You’ve seen it. Perhaps even been on the receiving end of it. I’m hoping you haven’t been …