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"Why Choose Between Fun and Content When You Can Have Both"

Fun employees can turn bad customer experiences into great ones

I recently joined a cycling organization in South Florida. As part of my zmotion membership there was some swag – water bottle, backpack, tire levers, etc. I had two options for receiving my swag – pay for delivery or pick up at their store.

A cycling store!!! Cool! Opportunity to spend more money. It was only a 20 minute drive away.

I placed my order and received an email confirming the order and instructions on pick-up.

The instructions were as follows:

  • Come to an address. (You don’t need that)
  • Park your car at the free valet, come to the 3rd floor, turn left out of elevator and go down the hall . A little odd I thought? Valet parking at a bike store? But a three story store!!!!!!! How cool is that.
  • I can pick up my swag M-F between 9 AM and 5 PM

So the next day (Friday) I head to the bike store. I drive into a corporate park. Hmmm….a bike shop in a corporate park? Heck, why not.

I found the free valet. So far so good. Found the elevator. Pressed 3. Nothing happens. Pressed 3 again nothing happens. The elevator starts to ascend – to the 5th floor. Some ladies get on at the 5th floor. I get off. I catch an elevator back down. Still can’t press 3. Elevator starts to descend to 1st floor. I get off. There are some people in the lobby. I tell them how I received this message from zmotion to go to the 3rd floor. They tell me I need to go to the 4th floor and walk down unless I have an access card to stop the elevator on the 3rd floor.

Okay, communication is kinda sucking right now.

I go to the 4th floor; walk through a reception area where no one stops me, walk down a flight of stairs. Go to elevator bank and begin the left turn sequence in the instructions.

I end up at an electrical closet.

Scammed! Someone just stole $49 bucks from me! (Nah, can’t be. Think positive, Rich)

I walk back up and ask the two ladies at reception for some help. I share my story.

Oh, you need an appointment they tell me. That’s not what the instructions say I tell them. They call the person who runs the store. No answer. They ask me to sit and they will try again. They forget about me – even though they were looking at me – while they are talking about the onboarding session about to begin. Now clearly would I never expect to hear the word onboarding while visiting a bike shop.

About 15 mins later I took matters into my own hands (the phone in my hand) and called the number on the email. Lauren picks up. I tell her who and where I am. She comes upstairs with a big bright smile apologizing for the confusion. They had recently moved and did a bad job updating information. (Yay! Company acknowledging they screwed up!)

We walk downstairs, make two lefts and enter the world of office cubicles! My curiosity is in high gear. I’m still looking for bikes and gear and grease. We make a right turn and arrive at Lauren’s cubicle where she pulls up my info and gathers my swag.

“Where’s the store?” I ask.


Well it’s not exactly a store she says and tells me to follow her.

We head around the corner where we come upon this closet:


zmotion store

“I guess I need to get the information on the website and the autoresponder updated” she says.

“Ya think,”  I said and “You’re also letting me take a picture of you and your store” I told her.


All in all it was a fun visit and the time she spent with me to go over all my membership benefits wiped out the disappointment of the “store” and made for one happy customer.”


And c’mon with the enthusiasm on that face how could you get angry. That’s one happy employee and one company that did a great job hiring the right person!

I’m looking forward to getting more involved with zmotion