Sales scripts are meant to be challenged

Mom called in a panic. Her nuclear wave oven (aka microwave) crapped out. Now after the episode when she saimicrowave searsd her air conditioner crapped out and we went and bought a new one only to find out it was the outlet and not the air conditioner I decided I better go take a look first.

Well it hadn’t crapped out but I think her caregiver was using acid to clean it cuz the entire inside was peeling. The nuclear waves are bad enough; now with the walls crumbling who knows what mom was consuming.


So off to Sears I went. Bee-lined to appliances. Found one. Picked it up and started to search for an open cash register


“Are you purchasing that microwave sir?” said the Sears sales Associate

Me: “Yes

Associate: “I can take you over here.”

Me: “Great. Thanks.”

Associate: “Will you be using your Sears card today?”

Me: “Nope.”

Associate: “Do you have a Sears card, sir?”

Me: “Nope.” (and stop calling me Sir! Especially when you’re older than me)

Associate: “Would you like to open a Sears account?”

Me: “Nope.”

Associate: “You know you can save an extra 10% if you open a Sears account?”

Me: “Do you want to sell me a microwave or should I go elsewhere? And please don’t offer me an extended warranty. Appliances like this are disposable.”

She actually started laughing!


I don’t know what the next line in her sales script was, but she was clearly not going to use it. I guess I was supposed to say “no thank you.” Or maybe I was supposed to say yes. And then maybe she had some other scripted line about the warranty. But I derailed her sales training script and asked her if she would like to lose the sale. And that put the brakes on her trying to sell me a high interest hoping I won’t pay in full credit reducing piece of crap that really has no benefit to me but only to Sears and a warranty that still has some sort of reason I’d have to fork over more money if something happened anyway.

She rang up the microwave. I paid. She said thank you and have a nice day. I thanked her for her help and I went to bring mom her new nuclear wave oven.

Sell people things that really have value; not things that might get them into trouble or angry with you down the road.



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  1. Unfortunately, in most retailer businesses today, employees are dinged for not opening charges. They figured out they can sell merchandise at break even and make it back on the loan shark interest rates they charge.
    The sad part is that, if they would train people to listen to customers and communicate value, as you said, they’ed be selling a lot more and earning more profits.
    Shopping should be an enjoyable experience, not spent defending oneself against the onslaught of credit card offers.
    No one goes to Sears to buy a credit card.

  2. Post

    I think I know a few Execs who need to be dinged, Jim. It is ironic how you can’t find help when you need information on a product but the upsell is waiting at the register. HAHA! Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day.

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