The most fun you’ll ever have solving problems, identifying new products/services or just bonding as a team!

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What is #CafecitoAdventures?

Imagine if you can:

  • Being told to show up at a certain place and time with no knowledge of where you’re going. And you do! And you’re excited.
  • Retraining your brain to approach problem solving and program/product development in a whole new way.
  • Allowing outside stimuli (not the four walls of that soul sucking jail called a conference room) to open your sense of purpose, curiosity, ideation, and more.
  • Having a heck of a lot of fun doing the above!

But first Cafecito (aka Coffee)
That’s #CafecitoAdventures

#CafecitoAdventures is

Problems were not meant to be solved in that soul sucking jail called an office or conference room. The best solutions happen when you’re inspired by outside stimuli.
How can a bowling alley, an art gallery, a coffee shop, a park in between two lanes of a highway or any other business change how you do business? Let’s find out!
Nothing. Is. Worse. than forced or contrived team building. Nothing! #CafecitoAdventures removes those forces and unites people via the experience.
#cafecitoAdventures is just what the name implies. It’s an Adventure. There’s no route……only a destination. Well actually a few destinations. How we get there…….we’ll see that day.
Coffee (aka Cafecito where I come from) is the best way to start a day and an adventure. Especially when the location is a great conversation place itself!
We’re gonna do this by foot/vehicle or by bike or scooter. Let’s see what makes the most sense for your group!
Your Leadership Team is already great (or maybe not). But let’s face it, there are things lacking at times. Communication. Trust. Collaboration. Partnering. #CafecitoAdventures is guaranteed to remove those obstacles and get your Leadership Team truly playing like a championship team.

What it’s not

C’mon, your people are too smart. Team building means forced or contrived events. That’s the first problem we have. This is anything but team building. This is an adventure. And who doesn’t love an adventure.
Not only will you generate more ideas versus sitting in a soul sucking jail called the conference room, you’ll probably start implementing stuff during the adventure.
Nothing sucks the life out of people than sitting in a soul sucking office or conference room trying to ideate! Noticing a theme here?
Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, prepare to see some things that might be controversial and get ready to challenge your current business model.
No Route. Just a Destination. If you’re the structured type this is going to be the most uncomfortable fun you might have. But I promise, it’ll be fun and maybe structure will be less important to you when we’re done!

Here’s what others have said……..

  • We developed a one sentence vision statement as a result of one of these outings
  • Might have been the best conference session ever
  • The best ideas do surface outside the office
  • By changing one word in our program description we filled slots faster than ever and got staff (more) excited
  • A unique way to get creative, find inspiration and innovate