The most fun you’ll ever have solving problems, identifying new products/services or just bonding as a team!

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What is #CafecitoAdventures?

Imagine if you can:

  • Being told to show up at a certain place and time with no knowledge of where you’re going. And you do! And you’re excited.
  • Retraining your brain to approach problem solving and program/product development in a whole new way.
  • Allowing outside stimuli (not the four walls of that soul sucking jail called a conference room) to open your sense of purpose, curiosity, ideation, and more.
  • Having a heck of a lot of fun doing the above!

But first Cafecito (aka Coffee)
That’s #CafecitoAdventures

#CafecitoAdventures is

What it’s not

Here’s what others have said……..

  • We developed a one sentence vision statement as a result of one of these outings
  • Might have been the best conference session ever
  • The best ideas do surface outside the office
  • By changing one word in our program description we filled slots faster than ever and got staff (more) excited
  • A unique way to get creative, find inspiration and innovate