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"Why Choose Between Fun and Content When You Can Have Both"

Meet Rich

Who is Rich DiGirolamo? – the Man, the Beanie and Recess At Work

  • Improves team productivity, efficiency and profitability by focusing on a simple strategy: Keep Employees/Volunteers Happy and Working by giving them a “Recess” from normal practices.
  • Is a keynote speaker, consultant and trainer with one focus – turning a great employee/volunteer experience into a great customer experience
  • Has been awarded the highest honors by the world’s largest International Weight Loss Company, even after some hand slappings, for keeping customers involved in the process.
  • Somehow managed to get people to put the words “accounting” and “fun” in the same sentence on course evaluations of a CPA review course. Want to know how? Click here
  • Helps you set action plans that can motivate even the deadest of teams
  • Is the Nasal Decongestant that needs to be added to your stuffy meeting
  • Is really easy to work with. Water and Marshmallow Peeps (any color or shape) are a great start.
  • Does not require a limo. Actually prefers the wheel, gas and brake pedals be under his control. Ask me about the 2 near death experiences when clients decided to pick me up at the airport!
  • Is the Founder/Creator/Implementer of Recess At Work Day.
  • Is the Founder/Brains/Implementer behind The World’s Only Virtual Diner Fighting Hunger.
  • Is the Fun, Motivational, Keynote Speaker and Workshop Presenter your next event should include.
  • Is the current President of both the Florida and Connecticut Chapters of the International Rock Balancing Association.
  • Is an ordained minister; should your meeting be held in Las Vegas and too much fun by your participants leads to a sudden decision to tie the knot

So seriously, don’t you want to work with someone who has actually implemented the ideas they share? (rhetorical)


The answer is yes! So just go here


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