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"Why Choose Between Fun and Content When You Can Have Both"

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Employee & Leadership Programs

Here’s a sample of Fun Keynote, Seminar, or Workshop Offerings

(Contact Rich and together we’ll develop a program that meets the needs of your group. Because after all, it’s not supposed to be about the Speaker, it’s supposed to be about YOU…)

Fun Interactive Keynotes:

No one wants to sit and listen to a speaker for 60 minutes. You want to be involved; you want it to be an experience. Rich will deliver a lively, fun, and interactive program with something for everyone! Some people need to hear about teamwork. Others need to hear about leadership. Is your group actively engaged in the mission and values of the organization? Did you ever think you need to stop using words like mission and values already? Do you wish they would be more creative or take some risks?  Permission to Speed or Recess: It’s Not Just For Kids might be just what is in need! Book an engagement  session for your group now.

Leadership/Nonprofit Board Development that is more fun than a barrel of bylaws:

They agreed to sign up. They were nominated. They were voted in to office. They forgot just one thing – there would be work involved. Now they don’t return your calls. They tell you they haven’t seen or received your emails. Has your leadership team forgotten their roles and responsibilities? Are you, the leader, struggling with motivating your people to take your organization to the next level. This highly interactive session will re-engage leaders,association board members, and other volunteer groups. Who is the Weakest Board Member? And how do we get them back on board? A learning experience like no other. They’ll learn, be humbled, laugh and become more interested in serving and the importance of their role. Leadership comes with expectations. Let’s help them go above what is expected. Book a leadership session for your group now.

Fun Workshops for New and Not-So-New Leaders

It was a simple game we played in Elementary School – Follow The Leader. One person was chosen as the leader. All the children lined up behind that leader, he or she moves around, and you follow and mimic whatever the leader does. If you fail to follow the leader’s actions you are out of the game. The last one remaining is the new leader. Fast forward a few years. One person is chosen the leader and then all hell breaks loose. It doesn’t have to. Get people excited once again about leadership. Get them engaged and re-engaged to lead any organization to success. Follow The Leader Was So Elementary School. Or Was It?  Book this session for your group now.

Fun New Hire Trainings & Orientations

From showing up on time to shutting up at the right time, we’ll talk (and laugh) about the basics we shouldn’t have to talk about, and open the door to teamwork, communication and leadership. Your group will learn about who they work alongside, the baggage they all bring to work and how to best achieve organizational success. Let’s talk about making morale boosting and employee engagement everyone’s job; not just the job of HR or executives. This lively, fun interactive program will engage new employees and re-engage those long-term employees who may have gone astray. Book this session for your group now.

Getting People Excited About Their Work – Again!

Why did you really hire Johnny? You saw potential. You saw vision. You saw something. Yep, now it’s gone. Johnny shows up to work, instead of showing up IN his work. The potential is still there; it just got lost in the busy-ness of something called work. What if we got people excited again – not only about their work but the product or service they represent? Let’s spend some time playing……but with a purpose……increasing your bottom line. Book this session for your group now.


Rich also is a great master of ceremonies/emcee for your next staff recognition event. He’ll make sure everyone in the room is making noise and having a good time!

These are just a sampling of Rich’s programs. Rich custom designs every program just for your group. By now you probably get a good feel for Rich and what he can do for your organization. The bottom line is this………If you’re looking to re-engage the people of your organization and get them to play like they once did, you need to look no further. So now do your part. Email me or call me at 203.470.3388
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