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"Why Choose Between Fun and Content When You Can Have Both"


Can we plagiarize?

Feel free to use any quote, idea or article found on my website. All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due and tell the whole world where you found it.

Do you want to retain members or employees?

I work with all types organizations. I only ask that you honestly want your people to be happier and productive, and that you can open your minds to ideas that might not be so conventional. Some might even consider them irreverent. I have worked with many different organizations, in varying industries. The one common denominator was that they were looking for their people to grow personally and professionally while having some fun.

Are you a speaker? A trainer? A facilitator?

None of the above. I am the RECESSitator. I share with organizations that lighthearted fun is critical to morale, retention, productivity and general business and personal development. It can be done as a keynote, a seminar or a learning workshop.

How long are your presentations?

Keynote presentations run approximately one hour.

Seminars and workshops run from one-half day to three days. The length of these programs depends on your overall objectives and how much fun you want to have. Think about it. When was the last time you had three days of fun at work???? And don’t lie. I already know the answer. Well here is your chance.

Will we get pretty handouts?

People love handouts. So do I. It reminds us of the promises we are going to keep. A handout will be prepared to best match your organizational needs and interests. You will receive a master copy for duplication. There is no charge for the master. How pretty they are depends on whether you decide to use a color copier or black and white. Prefer to Go Green. No problem. Handouts are primarily provided for visual learners; we’ll ask them to adapt.

What topics do you speak about?

My topics are not important, but if you must know, my topics deal with keeping people happy and keeping them working hard for you. My goal is to keep your people on your payroll and to keep your payroll growing. My theme is why organizations hire me. I teach people how to find fun, even within chaos, every single day – while not losing sight of their work.

The most frequently requested presentations are:

  • Permission to Speed
  • It’s Time for Recess: An Opportunity to Learn, recharge, Celebrate, and Unlock New Ideas,

Email me for information about my other offerings

How much do you charge?

That depends on the type of program you’re looking for. But please remember that you are not paying for a speech. You are paying for research and ideas and countless hours of time working with other clients and sharing ideas that work in any industry. So if you email me how much I charge I am going to call you to get to know you, talk about how I can make you look good and be certain I can provide you and your attendees what you are looking for. Then we can talk fee. So if you email, please take my call.

Is there a charge for travel time to and from the meeting?

There is no charge for my travel time. If anyone is charging you for travel time shame on them. With all the technology available today I can work from anywhere.

How are expenses handled?

My fee is one price – in most cases. The fee you are quoted includes my presentation, a master copy of a handout (if needed) and all travel/lodging expenses. I have no time to be sending you fast food receipts two weeks after the presentation (see what I eat to control your costs) and you have no time to be writing checks for ridiculous expenses. So relax, you have no worries if I decide to raid the hotel mini bar.

My Own Private Idaho

Can you provide references?

Yes. Please visit the Testimonials page of this website or check out my LinkedIn Profile.

Can we video your presentation?

Video is encouraged provided that a copy of the video is sent to me within two weeks of the presentation. These recordings must be for internal use only, and not sold.

On the Border release What is the best way to contact you?

By phone or email, whichever you prefer. My phone number is 203.470.3388. My email address is

Can you provide a Mug Shot so we can show people who is presenting?

Rich DiGirolamo

Rich DiGirolamo

Yes, a Mug Shot can be mailed to you, or you can download a photograph here.
Click here to view a high-resolution version of this photograph. (Right-click on the high-resolution photo and select “Save Picture As” to download the photo to your computer.)

AV and room set-up requirements?

Wireless lapel microphone (if more than 50 people will attend)
Flip chart and markers
Please do not have a lectern, but rather a small cocktail size table with water. If you can find Marshmallow Peeps that would be great too.
Round tables are preferred for room set-up.

What will we say about you before you present?

I will email an introduction. You will receive this in advance of the meeting and I always bring an additional copy with me to the event.

Boy, I feel like I just gave birth to a speaker.

Yes, that was a lot of information. So here is what you do now. Locate your telephone and punch in the following phone number: 203-470-3388 or email to select a date.

How to easily annoy Rich.

I have no problem if you cannot afford me (although we might be able to get creative) or if you choose someone else over me. But I’ll tell you what annoys me…………it is when I spend time talking to you or visiting you and putting a quote/proposal together and then I never hear from you again. You ignore my emails and my calls. Listen, I’m a big boy; my self-esteem is high on most days; so if I’m not the one for you, just tell me; don’t avoid me. After all, it is the professional thing to do. Actually, the avoiding thing should make you realize you and your organization might need me more than you think. And yes, for some of you reading this saying I cannot believe someone would do that, they do.

What? You still need more information?

Boy, you’re thorough! Okay, locate your telephone and punch in the following phone number: 203-470.3388 or email I’ll provide whatever else you need.

So, call me. Let’s set the date. Then you can go outside and play.

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