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"Why Choose Between Fun and Content When You Can Have Both"


“Thank you for being a speaker at this year’s CT Bar Association Leadership Retreat. Your presentation was fun and full of new ideas. The section chairs who attended the retreat will view their positions in a more enthusiastic perspective to fully engage members.” – Kimberly Knox, CBA President

 “Finally, an outstanding presenter” – @spearsboi #NRPACongress 2013

 “I wanted to personally thank you for the work you did with my employees. You seemed to quickly grasp the difficulty that the organization was going through and proved yourself to be a valuable resource.

I was in awe of the job that you did, not only gaining perspective, but your ability to reframe the issue in a non-confrontational, therapeutic, and FUN manner. The training seemed more Iike fun, but accomplished ail of the goals-and left the group wanting to go on.

I will highly recommend you to help with mission-driven work or simply to energize or motivate a team.” – Christian Philemon, LCSW, Esq.  YSOW, Inc.


“I really enjoyed your session in Atlanta. Sessions like yours makes it easy to get motivated to go to NRPA Congress!!” – Don Wells, Parks & Rec Commissioner, Bettendorf, Iowa

You did a great job today and your subject matter was perfect for our management team.  Much of what you presented was referred to throughout the day. Thank you for a job very well done.  – Lionel Hotard, COO Citiyside Management



“Kicking off a year of fun-oriented activities for our employees, we brought in Rich DiGirolamo to give his ‘Permission to Speed’ program.  Rich’s playfulness and dynamic presentation skills far exceeded our expectations and gave our employees a terrific sendoff.  We have implemented ‘Recess At Work’, and continue to plan motivational and silly activities to engage our workers on a regular basis.  Whether Rich is arranging a marshmallow fight on the Waterbury Green or blowing bubbles at the Trumbull Mall, you know he loves his job and is eager to share his powerful message that fun is a catalyst for innovative and productive behavior in the workplace.”

Mary Ann Miller, Manager Human Resources
Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company

“I want to thank you for your inspirational and motivational educational sessions at our National Recreation and Park Association conference in Seattle this past fall. From the participant evaluations it is clear that your message was well received and people truly enjoyed your delivery. Your speaker ratings clearly resulted in your being added to our list of “Power Speakers.”

Since this is the premier education opportunity for the park and recreation industry, it is critical to have a solid, high-quality education program that meets the needs of all membership groups. You were instrumental in meeting our needs and insuring a high quality experience for our delegates. ”

Wendy L. Rubin
Chairman, 2006 NRPA Congress Program Committee

Thank you so much for you delightful and insightful program. Everyone I spoke with thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. I appreciate the help with the board intros as well.

Lynn Rapsilber, President

“Rich DiGirolamo is no ‘run of the mill’ speaker – Rich breathed life into our program. I had yet to see our workshop participants totally engrossed in the program until we included Rich. The “fun” element introduced by Rich let our participants know that there are other ways to do things – even the “same old things”. I highly recommend having Rich participate at your next participation – we certainly will be inviting him back!”

Ruth Agnese
Appraisal Institute

“I joked with Rich that I was going to write a book entitled “How to get more out of life according to the hard ass”. After working with Rich, I felt I could. He was a hard ass alright, which is exactly what I needed. He pushed, prodded, and was relentless in his quest to make me strive for more. Thanks to Rich, I have a new job that fits me instead of me fitting it, I have a positive attitude, and the word “fun” is back in my vocabulary. Life is good.”

Kris S.
I asked Rich to keep my last name anonymous. See, he even has integrity.

Your presentation was focused, insightful, and most importantly fun. You captured everyone’s attention with just the right mix of seriousness and levity without becoming cliche’

Connie Cirillo Freeman

What an outstanding job you did! Your message was received well by all. We appreciate all the education statistical research that you did before addressing our group.

We would warmly welcome you to speak again.

Robert Matney, Principal
CT State Department of Education

He spoke, but did not “perform.” He was just one of us; speaking to us in terms we could identify with. Everyone was completely tuned in to him for the entire time he spoke. He never lost the group for a moment.

Suzanne Perucci
Independent Consultant and Director, Pampered Chef

He knows how to get the class involved and he insists on their participation. His humor and personality has a universal appeal to all students.

Anthony Ciliberti

Overall I would say it was an unqualified success. So much so, in fact, that we had many requests to repeat the program which we did. He displayed a great deal of spontaneity and enthusiasm!

Ann Marino
Director of Nursing, State of CT, DMR

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