Rich DiGirolamo’s RECESSitation Time!

Yippee! It’s Time for Recess! It’s time to learn and laugh from others.

Yep, there are so many lessons to be learned by watching people. People who moan, complain, don’t listen and just do dumb stupid things. People who do absolutely absurd things to make themselves or their organization memorable. And I’m out there looking for those people. So, if you’re looking to re-engage yourself, your team, or your family sign up today. If you’re looking for a laugh sign up today. If you’re looking to get some good ideas to keep employees happy, sign up today. It’s FREE!

Subscribe for Free and get a message from Rich every other week. Learning from  others will never be this insightful and fun. Unless of course you see yourself in some of the poor examples. Then you may have some work to do. Of which I can help you with that too!


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