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"Why Choose Between Fun and Content When You Can Have Both"

Fun Stuff to Buy!


Stop worrying about Office Bacteria and Cleanse Yourself of the Office Backstabber

Your employer wants you to wash your hands. Especially if you’re a food handler. Bacteria here. Bacteria there.

And the solution…Anti-Bacterial Soap.

But there’s a bigger problem in workplaces everywhere. Offices. Restaurants. Parks. Hospitality. Medicine. And it isn’t workplace bacteria. Nope, its the workplace backstabber.
The Solution….Anti-BACKSTABBERial Soap
  • Use it before entering meetings
  • Use it to deflect office liars, cheaters, gossips and those who smile in your face while undermining you in the career advancement race! (Notify HR if deflection last more than 4 hours)
Anti-BACKSTABBERial Soap helps wash away the slimy feeling of being victimized by office backstabbers.
Anti-BACKSTABBERial soap may or may not contain antibacterial soap. It may also contain peanuts. And It’s probably gluten free if you choose to use it to out wash someone’s mouth.
Washes away slimy feelings left behind from office backstabbers
Price: $12.95


CRAPPY IDEAS; They All Don’t Stink

The Orginal Brainstorming “APP” for Growing a Business While Doing Your Business!

Crappy Cover

If you’re like most people you sit and think about things while “doing your business.” This journal is designed for those times. Crappy Ideas……is just that…….a place to dump all those gazillion dollar ideas you think about when…………well…..when you’re taking a crap. It’s a tool for ideation. It encourages employees to take the idea of another and build on and improve! It lets entrepreneurs enlist their friends and families as part of their product, service, and development team! They say the best thinking happens in the shower. Shower. Toilet. Same thing. The best thinking happens when you’re taking care of business! So get going…..Build and grow that business while doing your business! The Crappy Ideas journal is the Original Brainstorming “APP” for building and growing a business

Price: $9.95



A fun CURE for workplace constipation, frustration, stagnation, lack of imagination and general feelings of unhappiness

PREPARATION R is a fun tool for success driven teams and leaders who are willing to acknowledge when pain exists and understand that one approach to removing pain is with some proactive purposeful fun! Success breeds success. New ideas breed success. Education and team development breeds success. The PREPARATION R – RECESSitation Kit offers four CURE’s to help your organization thrive.

Here’s what you get:


  • CURE C offers an easy to implement “Successabration” process to celebrate achievements when they matter most – SOON after the achievement – not months, years or decades. And I’ve watched 2 CEO’s implement it and experience the results!
  • CURE U is a fun creative process to unlock and unleash new ideas by changing both organization and individual thinking and perspectives. Ideas are lurking throughout your organization! At every level – not just the marketing department. “I didn’t realize we had this much creativity on our team” said Glenn Kaplan, CEO when I walked his team through this process during a recent RECESSitation!
  • CURE Ris for those moments when team stress, burnout and frustration are about to take their toll. Don’t let your project (or your people) implode. The CODE YELLOW/CODE RED process to RECHARGE your teammates (rather than turn your head, or even worse……gossip) will surely be a big hit – and fun too!
  • CURE E is proof that you don’t ALWAYS need high priced consultants to teach/tell your team things they already know or can learn from one another. Save the budget for when it matters most!

Kit comes with easy to implement directions for each CURE and some supplies to get you started!

Watch this short video to learn more!

Disclaimer: Do Not Compare Preparation R with Preparation H Hemorrhoid Cream. Preparation R RECESSitation kit is not made by or affiliated with Whitehall Laboratories


Price: $39.95


The Meeting Playce Mat ™

Problem: Meetings SUCK! Meetings are not productive. I don’t see the value of this meeting. I have too many meetings. SWebsite Meeting PLAYce Matolution: The Meeting Playce Mat ™ is a USEFUL fun tool to make that next boring meeting experience a bit more productive, interesting and fun. The two-sided four-color 11 x 14 PLAYce Mat is a fun way to keep notes at that very important meeting. It has a space for creating action plans, great new ideas, remembering stupid remarks, uh I mean memorable moments, patting yourself on the back for your contribution, assessing need and participation and so much more. It even has a place for doodling – because isn’t that what we too often do in meetings. Package of 100 Playce Mats will surely get your next meeting off to a different tone – a more fun tone. And it’s a real Place Mat too!!!! $85.95 

Meeting PLAYce Mat
Meeting PLAYce Mat
Price: $85.95



Chief Cook & Bottle Washer (ebook)

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer: The Double D Diner’s Unusual Menu for Success and Happiness at Work

Terry’s life was one big rut. His career was in a rut. His personal life was in a rut. He paid no attention to things going on around him. Like so many people he was glued to technology; looking down instead of forward and around.double D white letter cover

Then one night there was an explosion outside his window. Not being able to fall back asleep Terry finds himself in a diner where he meets Clyde, the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. But Clyde was more than just a short order cook, he appeared to be some sort of motivational guru – and Terry couldn’t stay away. Over the course of a couple of months Clyde shares his business philosophy called the Double D Diner’s Unusual Menu For Success. With each visit to the diner Terry becomes more excited about his work, his team and his life and finds himself removing all the ruts. Except for one. The one he needs to continue being successful.

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer cooks up some inspiration and food for thought for its readers. The book reveals an unusual and unique “menu” for approaching work and life with forward and creative thinking that when applied, leads to success and happiness at work and elsewhere.

For managers and team leaders looking to get their teams excited about work and being present in what they deliver, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer offers a unique approach to work obstacles, stagnant ideas and showing up in your work versus just showing up at work. After you’ve visited the Double D Diner who knows what your team will cook up next!

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer (ebook)
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer (ebook)
Price: $7.95

RECESS AT WORK Training System

RECESS AT WORK eSystem Training (downloadable)

PUT RECESS At WORK to Work – IMMEDIATELY with the downloadable manual only!

Includes: THE RECESS AT WORK eManual

  • Recess At Work eSystem Manual which includes 12 FUN high Impact Activities (Recesses) that fall into 3 categories: learning/training, recharging a team, and/or celebrating. You’ll find strategies for holding an annual, monthly or periodic recess to improve morale, productivity, creativity, communication, engagement and so much more. ROI guaranteed when used wisely


Recess At Work eSystem Manual
Recess At Work eSystem Manual
Recess At Work Day eSystem Manual; 12 High Impact Opportunties to engage any organization
Price: $49.95

 RECESS AT WORK Training System

“RECESSitate your organization before you need to Resuscitate it!”

– Looking for year round options to RECESSitate your group?

– Ready to finally work on engaging employees and improving morale versus talking about it?



This pack includes:

  • Recess At Work Training System which includes 12 Activities (Recesses) that fall into 3 categories: learning/training, recharging a team, and/or celebrating. You’ll find strategies for holding an annual, monthly or periodic recess to improve morale, productivity, creativity, communication, engagement and so much more.
  • 50 Meeting PLAYce Mats that will surely make your next planning, update, committee, or status meeting a bit more fun. Or better yet, use them to plan your RECESS At Work Day fun!
  • The RECESS At Work drawstring backpack where you can store your manual and other supplies, ideas, and memories you collect during the year. Or heck, give it away as a prize.


Recess At Work Training System
Recess At Work Training System
Price: $99.96

Turn Every Employee into a Marketing Machine

(Downloadable workbook)

Well almost every employee.

A good friend and a wise man once told me that every business is a marketing business. And if you’re not in the business of marketing you won’t be in business very long; or achieve the results you seek

Guess what? He is right!

Let’s go one step further. I believe most businesses are missing out on something – the overlooked ideas and talents available to them when it comes to marketing, customer engagement, and creating a fun and memorable organization. Those talents and ideas exist in the place often most ignored – the brain of every employee. Yep, every business is a marketing business and every employee should be marketing your business.

Face it, your marketing efforts could be better. Or maybe they suck all together. Worst part is they are no fun.

The best arsenal of marketing is your employees – especially the employees who come face to face with customers on a regular basis.

In this Workbook are 10 tried and true techniques that I use regularly to stay in touch with customers and get them hiring me back year after year. I have presented this book at conferences with attendees telling me over and over how excited they were to get back to work and start connecting with customers.

You’ll learn:

  • How to stay in touch with customers easily and affordably
  • Easy, cheap and free resources to make you a marketing machine while letting your customers know you are looking out for them
  • How hoarding is a good thing and how to use it to engage customers
  • The Mad Mag Principle of Marketing
  • Ways to tap into the creative side of (almost) every employee and get them involved and thinking like a marketer
  • How to leverage your “I want it free and cheap mentality” into a marketing and customer engagement initiative
  •  To implement marketing strategies that do all the work for you once a little bit of upfront work is done
  • How getting people to Say Cheez is a surefire way to grow your business
  • How to enlist employees, at every level of the organization, as true partners in the engaging customers and creating a great customer experience
  • And so much more!

$39.95  – And if you don’t see a 100% return on this investment within 6 months I will refund your money. 

Turn Every Employee into a Marketing Machine
Turn Every Employee into a Marketing Machine
Turn (almost) every employee into a marketing machine with these 10 low cost, no cost, affordable, fun, and engaging things you can do to stay in touch with customers.
Price: $39.95



Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth

(Printed Book)

Sometimes you hear about companies doing great things to create an employee experience that gets people around the globe talking. This fun and easy to read book will show you how to create such a workplace. But only if you are willing to follow in the steps of other great companies, test new bold ideas, change some old thinking and become pioneers of your own ideas.

Rich DiGirolamo was out riding his bicycle one day when he came across a diary. The diary included instructions that if the diary was ever found that person who found it had the right to publish. (Wink)

And so I did.

In this book you’ll be challenged to:
  • Keep employees engaged and working hard for you by making them feel special from the day they come on board; or using a current buzzword: onboarded
  • How to turn meetings into events where people are lining up and looking forward to attend
  • Enlist ALL employees, at every level of the organization, as true partners in creating a better workplace, better products, better services, better customer service and a better company
  • Drive creativity, communication, engagement, and improved morale year in and year out

“I really believe that every employee has the opportunity to be The Happiest Employee on Earth and every company deserves to have those people on the payroll. This book can help you find one another.”– Rich DiGirolamo

If you believe the preceding quote this quick read belongs on the desktop or mobile device of every employee in your organization.

Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth is a story. Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth is a blueprint. Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth is one persons account of their first year working for a company that focuses on the Employee Experience day in and day out; and how that employee experience retains customers, keeps people productive and grows a business. It should be read by CEO’s, HR Professionals, Managers, Leaders, Front-Line employees and anyone who ever saw the need to improve their work environment.


Want the Kindle edition? CLICK HERE!

Otherwise click below:


Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth (Printed Copy)
Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth (Printed Copy)
52 Provoking Thoughts for Creating a Great Workplace
Price: $10.95


Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth (eBook)

Same as above; but the eBook version!

Want the Kindle edition? CLICK HERE!

Otherwise click below:


Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth (eBook)
Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth (eBook)
52 Provoking Thoughts for Creating a Great Workplace
Price: $10.95

4 Book Fun Frenzy

Here’s what you get:

  • 1 printed copy Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth

PLUS the following 3 eBooks:

  • 50 Ways to Have Fun At Work, Improve Employee Morale & Hopefully Not Get Fired
  • The Only Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need
  • Yes, You’re Fat! I Like You Anyway!

These books will will help make work more fun, life more fun, the battle of weight loss more fun and probably teach you how to deal with “those people in your life and those voices in your head” a bit better.

$35 if purchased separately



4 Book Fun Frenzy
4 Book Fun Frenzy
1 Printed copy of Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth plus 3 fun eBooks.
Price: $34.80
Price: $19.95





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