Happy Employee Story Hour

Well it’s not exactly a bedtime story. And it certainly won’t bore you or make you sleepy!

But it will be lots of fun.

Introducing Story Hour with Rich!

In the recent past I’ve had some fun holding “story hours” (aka book readings) with several organizations whose training budgets had been decimated but wanted to do something special for their group.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your organization purchases a minimum of 150 copies of Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth.
  • You supply the books. Rich supplies the punch and cookies for your entire group.
  • Rich spends one hour with your group reading, playing, and discussing entries from Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth and how to implement them into your workplace to create a special environment.


  • It’s fun.
  • It’s much less expensive than hiring a trainer/consultant for a full day of training.
  • Everyone walks away with a blueprint and a plan to create a better workplace.
  • No kernels of popcorn were killed in a microwave.

Disclaimer: Yes there are some

  • Rich does these types of programs while on the road so choosing a date will be based on Rich’s travel schedule; not yours. Although if you have a specific date in mind, and a small travel budget, and Rich has the date available I am sure we can figure something out.
  • Organizations within 3 hours (driving) of Hartford can choose almost any date; provided Rich has it available.

So, interested? Get in touch right now!

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