Can a kid change the attitude of your organization?

The kid kept kicking my chair – all the way from Chicago to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Mom kept telling her to stop kicking the chair. The child did not listen.

Okay, it’s an hour and a half flight; I can deal. There will be no evil looks; something I would have done a long time ago.

The kicking was getting worse. Mom was getting frustrated but doing nothing other than asking her daughter, politely, to not kick the chair. We started coming in for a landing.

The kicking was getting worse. I could take it no longer. And just as I was about to say “Stop It Already” the child made the following comment as she looked out the window…………………..

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I couldn’t help but laugh; because I had the same thought at one time – until I visited the western portion of the state.

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But it was that one second of laughter that changed my entire attitude; one second.

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Do you have a minute today to laugh with your team, co-workers, staff or organization?

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