How To Be A Good Employee

Like your job? Want to keep it? Here are some simple things you can do to make the boss happy, feel good about yourself, and perhaps keep you out of trouble.

1. Show up for work on time – You would think this is obvious; but you have no idea how many people do not understand how important this is. People create an image or perception of you based on your ability to show up on time. No matter how hard you work or how many hours you might give to the company during the week, regularly walking in the door late sends a bad message. Set your alarm clock to ring earlier; or do what my friend does……………his staff call him every morning to make sure he is out of bed.

Children of the Damned movie download 2. Offer to pick up a loose end for someone else – It’s happened; you look up from your desk or away from your computer monitor and everyone is walking out the door. Everyone but you. You’ve got just one more thing to do; one more thing that would take half the amount of time if someone was nice enough to stick around and help you. But they want to get home, to a kid’s sporting event, to their yoga class or to the bar. Frustrated? Are your eyes glaring at those people? Let’s take a deep breath here and think……..When was the last time you stopped to help someone who had that same look on their face? Stop saying you’re a team player and start acting like one. You might even start a trend.

Watchmen trailer 3. Take on a new project with enthusiasm – How exciting; you were just given the project that no one else in the organization wants. It’s boring, mundane and will probably not lead to any new initiatives. Your boss may have suggested that “we need to do this even though nothing is going to come of it.” What can you do to make it fun; to make it interesting? I remember an administrative assistant sharing a story about having to find a lost document in a file cabinet. She was told the file was in one of these drawers – as she looked at a row of about thirty drawers – each looking like a double-wide trailer. She decided she was going to take the opportunity to learn more about what the company does. She figured there was a lot of information in these file cabinets that would tell her about the products, services, history and policies of the company. She was right. Down the road it helped her better understand some of the decisions being made by management.

4. Offer new ideas to your leadership

– It happens all the time; you have a great idea. You are 100% certain it would have a positive impact on the operations of your team, department, division or perhaps even the company. You suggest the idea. It is shot down. Great idea. Wrong time. You suggest another. It too is shot down. It is at this point many employees shut down and stop offering their ideas. Don’t stop offering ideas; it shows initiative as well as your commitment to the organization. You would be surprised how many times an employee idea became a policy, a revenue generator or a cost savings down the road. When your idea is shot down, don’t think No, think Not Now!

5. SHUT UP! – Yes I know, she’s lazy, he’s a backstabber, that group is undermining your efforts; what does he really do; she’s the Flavor of the Month; pay sucks; management is unfair. SHUT UP! Keep it to yourself. Do not talk negatively about another employee or your employer. Not only will it keep you out of trouble but it will keep you from falling into the negativity that is so pervasive in many organizations. Negativity just tends to fuel more negativity. Labels then get attached to you; and once a negative label has been attached to you your chances of upward mobility get squashed – no matter how much contribution you have made.

That’s it. I know it seems simple. I know it seems obvious. But I’ll bet if you shared this article with ten of your friends or colleagues and asked them to be honest – brutally honest – I’ll bet they would have violated a couple of these simple rules. Try it. I dare you. I double dare you.

Rich DiGirolamo is a professional speaker from Wolcott, CT. He calls himself The Big Kid and enjoys “making painful processes fun.” To learn more about Rich please visit or

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