A Visit to the Ice Cream Shop

I was out riding my Trikke last night (http://www.trikke.com/) when my neighbor asked me if I wanted to go for ice cream. I said sure.

When Worlds Collide psp About 30 minutes later we were sitting in front of Praline’s Ice Cream and he made a comment how people who work in ice cream stores are happy and fun. He then went on to tell me about a relative who took a job as a Disney character at 56 years old and is having the time of his life. Yep, a 56 year old man is walking around a theme park dressed as Goofy.

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People don’t realize how the environment we work in impacts our mood. When I speak to organizations about morale and teamwork I always leave them this quote:

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“Create an Mad Cow download environment that is fun

and you create an environment that people want to be a part of.” – Rich DiGirolamo

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The Boys from Brazil release How’s your work environment. What can you do to fun it up? From colored walls to fire poles (bat poles) between floors, more and more employers are recognizing the need to fun up the space employees spend most of their life. There’s a company in Texas that even gives new employees $300 to decorate their cube space. But before you engage a task force and start designing the Excel spread sheets to study this initiative……………….

Blood Trails dvdrip Maybe the team should visit an ice cream shop to get in the mood.

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