Are you really over it?

So yesterday I’m having a conversation with a woman named Lisa. She is a guest at my vacation house this weekend; a friend of a friend. Lisa was sharing a story with me – about a time when she got all “dolled up” for her husband; hair, makeup, outfit – you ladies know what I’m talking about.

She emerges from the bedroom and the comment he makes to her is “too bad she has this ugly vein on her leg.” Lisa is devastated. This happened quite some time ago; they are separated now; yet remain “friendly”; she says she is over him; yet here she is telling this story to someone she met less than 12 hours earlier. I questioned if she was really over it.

So I suggested she name the vein after her husband and when she is finally ready to remove her husband she should get the vein removed too!

After dinner and before the fireworks last night Lisa was wandering the streets of Provincetown MA – shopping. We caught up after the fireworks. She had news to share with me………….

Riverworld release

Hero Wanted trailer She pulls up the hemline of her dress and there it is, as plain as day, her husband’s name right there on that vein – a tattoo (a temporary one). The two of us were laughing uncontrollably. The others in our group were looking at us with one of those you’re embarrassing us looks.

Sherlock Holmes in Washington hd

Enough film She told me she is going home to show him the tattoo and remove it right in front of him. She says it is time to move on!

Love in the Afternoon the movie

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