FOUR Free Goodies When You Order Rich's New Book

Rich’s new book, The Only Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need is now on sale. It’s a fun, simple, affordable, proven approach to transforming your life. And it’s cheap……….only $9.95 (plus shipping and handling)

But wait, because there is more, AS AN ADDED BONUS you get these four e-books while you wait. But you’ve got to act by August 15th or the free stuff is out the door. So order yours today.

You Have To Get Heavy In Order To Get Skinny

– a fun 31 day workbook to changing your mindset about weight and health. These daily exercises of the mind, body and spirit are true lessons to keep you on track to making long term and permanent changes.

Replicant movie

Striving for Imprefection

Whatever the goal, the attempt to be “perfect” gets in the way of getting “better.” Success comes in small steps. Failure arrives all at once. The choice of what we call it can make all the difference. This book is an inspirational approach to that choice.

Inside the Koran film

Laughing With Gail Hand

This E-book is a compilation of tips and stories from Gail Hand, who is a Motivational Humorist, Certified Laughter Leader, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Entrepreneur and Dog Photographer.

Real World Teambuilding Strategies That Work Quick film

A power-packed collection of insights & strategies from professionals who make a difference in America, and around the world, every day!

– Featuring Margie Thomas

An Affair to Remember move

All the Good Ones Are Married film

All of this for $9.95!!!! Never will such a deal be available again.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie film The Last Resort hd

So click here and order your copy of The Only Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need.

What? You don’t need Self-Help? Of course not. Buy it for a friend.

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