So recently I spent too much time with someone who had a story for every comment you made, a response for every point you brought up, an I-can-one-up-you for every sentence that came out of every single person’s mouth.

After about an hour it became so annoying that it was clear people were choosing not to even participate in any of the conversations that were occurring. If you never thought that silence was golden, this scenario proved you wrong.

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But the funniest part was when he said “I have a story about that” and someone else replied “you have a story or answer for everything” and he just didn’t get it. He just continued chattering away.

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Enchanted dvdrip Except I don’t know what was funnier; the frustrated look on the person who made the dig or the cluelessness

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But it did get me thinking about my own listening skills. What about you? Are you a listener or just thinking about your own thoughts.

Be truthful.

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