Some things you need to know about email

  • Most people do not read the whole thing
  • Most people interpret your email with a negative slant (either because it loses tone and inflection; or perhaps it’s due largely to the fact that you’re such a negative person to begin with)
  • People are not sitting by their computer waiting for your email to arrive in order to respond. And as much as you might like to believe, an answer to your message might not be a top priority for the recipient.

So with that said………………… Next time you need an answer and are the slightest bit concerned about offending someone there is this device with numbers on it; you press the numbers and at some point you might hear a voice on the other end; it might not be the actual voice of the one you’re trying to reach, and they might still not get back to you, and you might still be considered a royal pain in the as.., uh I mean neck, but at least your tone and inflection will be captured.

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