Speak Up or Shut Up and Tow The Company Line?

Okay, this one makes no sense. A friend of mine works for a large hospital here in the Northeast. The hospital encourages open, frank, candid discussions between staff and management. You’re not supposed to keep things inside, you’re supposed to speak up when you feel change needs to occur, wrong has been done, a new idea needs to be implemented or you have what you believe to be a better way of doing things. Sounds like a great place to work.

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My friend does all these things. She has an impeccable record and not a blemish in her file. So why is it that she is told she needs to work on her communication skills and given that as the reason she was denied a promotion. She is told she tends to be too vocal about certain things??????


People, you need to make your mind up. If your organization is really not ready for open communication maybe you should stop telling people to speak up but rather release the following policy……………………… Shut Up and Tow The Company Line.

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