You Can't Get There From Here!

No, I’m not talking the Poland Spring in Maine, but I am talking Omaha Nebraska from Hartford CT; well at least on Midwest Airlines.

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The other day I received a schedule change email from Midwest Airlines regarding an upcoming flight. Now I have to tell I have started ignoring these messages; every single one of them has been about a one or two minute schedule change.

But for some odd reason I decided to read this one rather than trash it. These are strange times for those of us who fly; you just never know what to expect any longer.


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It’s a good thing I read this message because it would have sucked to show up to the airport and find that Midwest Airlines had packed up and went home; yep they’re discontinuing service from Hartford.

The Paradine Case movie download You know, we’re all busy, doing way too much and have too much on our plates. I know how easy it is to not read emails or listen completely to voice mails. Be careful. Be very careful. You just might find yourself in an airport or at a meeting all by your lonesome self. Or worse yet, inconveniencing a client or fellow employee.

Prey for Rock & Roll movie download Drip Dippy Donald dvd Now, as an aside, I am pissed. Midwest gives you free warm chocolate chip cookies. So in addition to not being able to get there from here and I won’t be getting any free cookies!

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