No, Ifs, Ands, The Problem Is or Butts

The Nebraska Recreation and Park Association took a Recess the other day – a fun and humorous Recess from the way too many people and organizations think.

The purpose of my Recess: It’s Not Just For Kids presentation was to overcome challenges and identify new programming opportunities for Recreation and Park Services. During our time together there was one rule……….They were not allowed to use the words But, The Problem Is, You Don’t Understand, That Won’t Work, or anything similar.

Based on the feedback I received afterwards they had a heck of a lot of fun and appeared motivated to leave their conference and explore new programming opportunities.

Well that evening the tables were turned when I joined them for the Pub Crawl. I was put in a position where I was not allowed to say But, however they got the opportunity to play with my BUTT!

Things got a little crazy at Wanda’s Bar in Hastings, NE and a game of Butt Darts commenced. Now if you’re not familiar with this game you give yourself a wedgie (in your pants), stick a quarter in the crack, and then tighten that quarter in your crack. Once you have enjoyed that experience, you position yourself over a glass and the goal is to drop the quarter into the glass.

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Snatch. hd

Kings of South Beach dvdrip

I was watching the fun. It was quite humorous – especially watching the woman who weighed all of forty pounds and had no butt. All I kept thinking about was what a great humorous story this is going to be for a future presentation.

While I was thinking of material, they started chanting my name. Rich. Rich. Rich.

Now I could have made excuses, BUT………………. We’re not allowed to use those words. And since I’m always willing to try something new…………………………….

Animals Are Beautiful People video Two rounds later, I guess you could call it the “elimination” round, guess whose virgin butt was the NeRPA Butt Darts Champion!

Jack & Sarah trailer

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