And the stupidity at Bank of America continues….

Me and You and Everyone We Know movie If you remember, back in November I gave Bank of America the Stupid Company of the Month Award (you can read about it here)

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Well the Stupidity at Bank of America continues. The account I thought was closed is not, and has been accruing $5.95 monthly fees on a zero balance.

And why?

Well it seems when I logged into my online account and told them to close this account they closed the online banking account, but not the actual checking account.

And how did I find this out?

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The very nice customer service representative told me that when I called asking why I am receiving overdrawn statements when I requested the account to be closed. He informed me that I had requested the online account closed and not the actual checking account. To close a bank account you actually need to talk live with a person – on the phone or in a branch.

Okay, I’ll take part of the blame here -perhaps a miscommunication. But on whose part?

Not mine. Remember, the customer is always right. Right???

So I made a suggestion to the BOA rep. I suggested that maybe he pass along a suggestion to the online department suggesting that they might be a bit more explicit in their email communication about the closing of online access versus closing of an actual bank account.

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And to which his response is…………..

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I can go to the website and submit that suggestion by myself.

And to which my response is………………..

I’m not even a customer any longer; and you’re the customer service person who should be forwarding these requests.

And to which his response is………………

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There are different ways we gather information at BOA and him forwarding the information is not one of them. (Now if this line isn’t enough to make you puke; you know that came right out of some training manual)

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain trailer And to which my response is……………………

A chuckle and the stupidity at BOA continues.

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Just a few days ago I again heard talks of the US Govt nationalizing BOA. Nationalize. Can we De-Stupidize them first!

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