Shut Up! Or You May Be The Next One Let Go

In my How To Be A Good Employee program

, I offer some simple rules to navigate the workplace; have fun, stay motivated and be a good team player.

Rule #5 is SHUT UP!

Now this does not mean you should not speak up for what you believe in or bring attention to matters of importance; it means stay out of the gossip and nonsense that is so pervasive in many organizations. Pretty simple to state; not so easy for some to do.

Yesterday I received a call from two former colleagues. Both still work for the same company. It seems that a staff member was let go and they called to tell me as if I cared.

When I leave an organization I could care less about what is going on – especially the crap. But there are those who seem to think you care; or maybe it is just their way of staying in touch. Who knows. And again, who cares?

But it was interesting how both of these people had very different explanations as to why their co-worker was let go. One painted a picture of it being an unfair decision; the other painted a picture of it’s about time.

Who is right? Who knows. And again, who cares.

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But this is how organizational gossip and employee turmoil begins or gets fueled. If you’re an employee of an organization you know the talks that are going on after someone is let go or receives some corrective discipline. Are you part of theses talks? Are you inciting them?

Let me make life easy for you…………….Chances are that none of the gossips really know the real reason; nor will they ever. Probably, because chances are it’s a little bit of valid information from every piece of gossip out there.

The Eavesdropper (aka Patient 14) video

Hence Rule #5?: Shut Up! Stay out of it and do your job.

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