What is it?

Look long and hard at the picture below and try to guess what it is before reading any further.

So what is it?

Recently I attended a seminar on the importance of play; as it relates to design, innovation and creativity in business and society.

Tales of the Riverbank full One of the exercises involved being paired up with someone to create a new idea or product. There was one catch. We were not allowed to talk. This had to be a non-verbal exchange of ideas based on drawing or writing. I was paired up with Karen, a professor from Syracuse University.

Public Enemies: The Golden Age of the Gangster Film divx Karen started our conversation with what looked like an open box.

I put wheels on it.

From there it just got silly.

Karen and I were no longer on the same page; we both had our own idea for a new product. I started going down the path of an oven and she started going down the path of I didn’t know what; but I think it was something military; as it appeared to be armed with weapons.

Heartbreakers the movie

But at the end of the exercise, we had agreed that we had designed the first Attack Skating/Skiing Oven named Herbie Chasseurs de dragons full movie .

Braindead ipod

Above Us the Waves dvdrip Play is critical for creativity and innovation to occur. Play can also be constructive and transformational for any organization when used the right way and for the right reasons. Some of the smartest companies use play to create new products and services. And it does wonders for the health and wellness of an organization. Is your organization playing?

Outsourced move June 18th is Recess At Work Day; a day that promotes health and wellness, creativity, team building and so much more. But don’t wait until June 18th; visit the Recess At Work Day website today and start playing, innovating, designing, being more creative and getting well!

Fantastic Voyage full

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