Be Willing to Learn. It Earns You Respect.


When I attend a conference as a presenter I always attend sessions of other speakers. Sometimes I attend to get information. Sometimes I attend to get tips on how to be better at my craft. Other times I just attend to have fun. (Okay, most of the time I attend to have fun.) Heck, I even attend to “steal” material and get some motivation for myself. I am a learner.

Monday evening a woman came up to me shared the following thought:

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I was sitting with you this morning at the General Session. I was impressed that you were our opening keynote speaker last night and you were there in attendance his morning. You even took notes.

I shared with her that I really liked what he had to say; a lot of what he did complemented my work and I am eager to find out how he and I might be able to help one another. I also told her some words I live by; which are “the day I cannot learn something new is a sad day.”

Jurassic Park III dvd We can all learn; from strangers as well as our peers.

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  • If you’re an accountant other accountants can teach you something.
  • If you’re a secretary other secretaries can teach you something.
  • If you’re a doctor other doctors can teach you something.
  • If you’re a Recreation Professional other Recreation Professionals can teach you something.
  • If you’re a teacher other teachers can teach you something. Heck even the students can teach you things.

Do I need to go on?

Being willing to learn earns you the respect that you don’t often think about. Being willing to learn separates you from others in your industry – the ones who may think they know it all. They don’t. Neither do you. Neither do I.

So shut up, listen, and learn something today.

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