What CAN you do to create a better employee experience?

You can’t afford raises. You can’t afford training. You can’t afford a small recognition event. You can’t afford to hire more people. You can’t. You can’t. You can’t.

But the economy is supposedly getting better. Just yesterday USA Today reported that restaurant business is up. Tourism is showing signs of a rebound; small but a rebound.

Is it that you really can’t afford these things? Or is it that you’re afraid? Afraid that the news is wrong? Afraid that the double dip is coming? Afraid of what your boss might say when you walk into his or her office with employee morale on your mind? Afraid. Afraid. Afraid.

Organizations that take risks keep people engaged. Organizations that have stopped listening to the doom-and-gloom news seem to be doing quite well. Organizations that continue to invest in their people are seeing higher engagement and the return of customers.

And the rest????

Look at all the vacant real estate. Look at the number of employees spending their days on Facebook and Twitter. Imagine if that time was spent making your organization great. Seriously, have you ever thought how many hours are wasted by employees when inviting them to help “fix” or “grow” a company would cost you nothing – you’re already paying them.

So my question becomes what CAN you do to make the employee experience just a little better? 

  • Could you include them in the business a bit more?
  • Could you let them leave a bit earlier the day before Thanksgiving? What does that really cost you? They’ve got stuffing and football on their minds all day long anyway.
  • Could you let them create their own recognition event and give them a couple of hours to honor one another?
  • Could you make yourself more visible in hopes of easing some of the concerns that still exist?
  • Can you send them to a movie one afternoon? They’ll be gone 2 – 2 1/2 hours. I’m sure they’re giving those hours back to you. Heck, how about paying for that movie? Even if you need to go into your own pocket.

I talk to Leaders, Managers, Association Execs and HR Professionals all the time. So many of those conversations start with “I wish we could…….”

I wish you would Take a Recess and refrain from starting conversations with those words. I know that YOU CAN DO! And once you do you’ll be free to explore all the possibilities and see that investment in your employees does not always require money; but it does require commitment and a change in your level of fear & risk.

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