Woke up on the wrong side of the bed and guess what I found…..

My natural instinct when rolling out of a hotel bed is to get out on the right side (that would be right side when looking at the bed.) It’s the side I get out on when at home.

The right side of the bed at the Renaissance Patriot Place was near the wall; but still plenty of room to move about. When I rolled out of bed yesterday morning I stepped on something hard and pointy. And it went crunch.

I bent over to see a few pieces of a brownish substance on the floor. Oh……must be potpourri. Why they put it on the floor where people walk made no sense but who knows what hotels are thinking today when it comes to providing a different type of customer experience.

I picked it up.


It was hardened fried chicken pieces!!!!

Now the night before I was hemming and hawing at 9:00PM whether to order room service or just go to sleep after a long day. I went to sleep. Little did I know that Marriott had left me a surprise snack should things have gotten bad in the middle of the night.

On my way out yesterday morning I mentioned my “find” to the guest relations person. Her response was classic.


That was it. Nothing else.

After about 5 seconds I just laughed. Clearly she had no idea what to say with me. Guess they didn’t cover that at the employee training sessions.

Q: And what happens when the guest finds half eaten food on the floor of their room?

  1. Stand there in silence
  2. Ask if the food was the right temperature
  3. Offer them a fork and a knife


I suggested she might want to share this information with housekeeping and told her to have a great day. It was not a terrible thing. Although she should consider herself lucky………a different type of customer may have come down from that room with a list of demands longer than Santa’s Toy List.

Most people who wake up on the wrong side of the bed are in a foul mood; I found myself in a “fowl” mood!

Coincidentally, lunch at the event where I spoke yesterday was chicken. Hmmm……………..

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