What’s wrong with this picture and your business!

The picture above is the Universe Dining Room on the Carnival Destiny. I was aboard the ship last week. If you’ve cruised you know that often times the dining room staff perform for their guests. It’s usually where you get to see the true personality come out. And Destiny has quite a few servers who like to seduce the ladies.

But there’s something very wrong with this picture. Very wrong.

Do you know what it is?

Give up?

We’ve become a society that spends more time trying to capture the experience rather than be a part of it. We’re more worried about taking pictures that we’ll forget about in two weeks than being in pictures taken by others. We’re more worried about telling the story to our Twitter and Facebook friends rather than being part of the story.

And what does that mean to you as a business or a customer?

If you’re an employee stop letting people observe. Pull them into the picture.

And if you’re a customer, put down your technology and be a part of the fun.

The next night they played Hot Hot Hot…..and I’d say 50% of the dining room was having a good time. I have no pictures of that. But I’m in a whole lot. Now to start surfing Facebook to un-tag them.

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