Recess At Work Day Manual: sample pages

Recess At Work Day is just a few days away – June 16th. I’m hearing from folk all around the country; all with different ideas. Some are using it as a chance for some fun and games. Others are using it as a day of learning.

Still not sure what to do? How to get the best ROI out of your Recess? How to show employees that they matter? The Recess At Work Day System is a great place to start; 12 FUN Opportunities to learn, recharge and/or celebrate.

And to give you an idea of what is included here’s the 1st 5 pages of the manual; which includes the table of contents and the 1st Recess – how to pull together a quick Recognition event. Enjoy!

Click here to download a sample of the RECESS AT WORK Manual

Click here to order your system– which now comes in a downloadable version

And be sure to visit the RECESS AT WORK website for more ideas.

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