Press 1 for great customer service!

We all want great customer service! Every one of us! We want people to go above and beyond to treat us like a valued customer.

Or do we?……………………

Take Enterprise for example. The rental car folks. When I rent a car from Enterprise they go out of the way to acknowledge you when you enter their facility; especially if there is a short wait. They walk you to the car. They check over the car with you. They familiarize you with the car a bit. Their employees have even shared with me their favorite cars or favorite features about the car I am renting. It’s a nice touch and one of the reasons I rent from them. I like it. I like being engaged. I like the customer experience their employees offer.

So then why did I feel they were holding me hostage on a recent trip? Can’t you just give me the keys and let me run? Do we really have to do this chit chat thing? HAHA!
And then there’s Comcast. I got a call yesterday regarding my appointment scheduled for today. It was an automated call. “Press 1 to confirm your appointment” is what the voice on the other end asked me to do. I complied with the request expecting that to be it. Nope. The lady asked me to hold to transfer to a live person.

I was transferred to Tom who asked me if I had a moment to verify my problem and to inform me exactly what was going to happen tomorrow: that the technician would call me when on his/her way, what would happen if the technician can’t fix my problem and the required minimum age of the person who would be at my house.

Five minutes later Tom was still rambling on. The one time Pressing 1 should have been a good thing……it wasn’t!

All I wanted to do was Press 1 and confirm. Comcast decided I was going to Press 1 AND get a live person. When Tom asked me if I had a moment should I have said no? And when I asked him to please move this along and just confirm the appointment….he asked me to be cordial with him since he was being cordial with me. Now I never raised my voice, just asked a question, but I gotta say I looked at the phone like he just slapped me in the face for not appreciating great customer service.

He was right!

Strange how we want great customer service. Funny how when we get it we hate it????

But seriously, I admire these two companies for their efforts to customer service and the commitment to training employees.

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