Unexpected Toast


Happy New Year !!  


At dinner the other night I was toasted by Michael and Lee. They said had it not been for me they would have never re-connected. You see they were sweethearts like forty years ago. Then she went her way. He went his way. You know the story.

So up went the wine glasses with an unexpected toast to thank me.

Me? I was confused. I met Lee once. I had no clue who Michael was. Why are these two people toasting me?
A little bit of history:

A Day of Play was a conference put on by Syracuse University five years ago. I stumbled upon it. It looked interesting. Had some great speakers lined up. It was free (other than the cost of gas, meals and a couple of nights in a hotel). A woman came up to introduce herself. Her name was Cookie. She was curious; who was this guy with a propeller on his head. We had a brief conversation about my work. She wanted to learn more. She was also totally shocked that I drove all the way from CT. Her assumption (and the rest of the planning committee) was that only students and faculty at SU would attend.

Later in that day Cookie asked if I would like to get together in the evening for coffee. I said sure.

Speed Facts:

  • Cookie invites Lee to coffee as well (just in case the guy with the prop is a crazy psychopath?)
  • We get into a conversation about Social Media/Professional Networking
  • Lee is resistant to joining in
  • I told her she must at least join LinkedIn for her business (ironic since I am forever thinking of LinkingOut of LinkedIn)
  • She refuses but ultimately signs up
  • 5 seconds after signing up (okay a bit of an exaggeration) she gets a message from Michael who had been searching for Lee for a gazillion years (yes another exaggeration)
  • Lee apparently had NO DIGITAL FOOTPRINT in 2009??????? (Yeah, I don’t know either)
  • They are in love and have been living together for 3 years

And this is going to help me improve my business or personal life how, Rich?

Would Lee and Michael ultimately have found one another without me? I don’t know. Probably. But they felt the need to include me their happiness. And that’s okay with me!

So today I offer you a simple reminder:


You never know where you made a difference, but you have. You never know how you made a difference, but you have. I’ll bet you did today. Maybe you’ll find out about it. Maybe you won’t. It doesn’t matter. Just know that you did and keep that with you every day!


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