Template Employee Resignation Letter. Feel free to use.

Dear Boss, Today I write to submit my resignation effective XX/XX/XX. I can no longer work with the backstabbing coworkers nor the pathological liars who call themselves the Executive Management Team. You do not encourage new ideas. Employees who express opinions that do not go with the herd are considered “not being team players” rather than agents for opportunity, innovation, conversation and building something better. You have not tapped into my full talents; a promise you made when you hired me. Viewpoints other than yours don’t seem to matter nor do they seem welcomed. Clearly you enjoy being a rubber stamp to those above you in the chain of command rather than a catalyst for great things.  I cannot be your rubber stamp one more second. I deserve better. Your customers definitely deserve better. I look forward to putting this awful experience behind me. I must stop this energy suck from destroying my soul. Resignation is the only answer. Sincerely, The one who …

Can I speak to the business owner telemarketing

If you have ever received one of those “May I speak with the business owner” telemarketing calls, here was my experience today. {Ring}{ring} Me: Hi this is Rich Caller: Is the owner of the business available? Me: Is YOUR business owner available? Caller: Are you the business owner? Me: Are YOU the business owner? Caller: No Me: Well then tell your business owner this business owner only talks to business owners Caller: I don’t need to deal with this Me: You started Caller: Jerk. (Click)   Hahahaha – I’m still laughing.