Employees like when customers notice good things happening

When I walked through the door of my doctor’s office I heard laughter. Lots of laughter. Coming from happy medicalbehind the glass window where the receptionists and assorted others sit. It was nice to hear.

It was the first time in years I had heard the laughter. Even better, as I looked through the window I saw smiling faces. I wonder if they read my books: Diary of The Happiest Employee on Earth or Chief Cook & Bottle Washer?

So I mentioned it to the nurse when she came in to take my temperature. Her response was that it had been a tough couple of years for the office due to changes in at the hospital and that a couple of people who seemed to bring down the morale of the office were no longer with them.

But then she said, “Thanks for noticing. I’ll make sure I tell everyone.”


Yes, tell everyone! People above you on the food chain. Below you on the food chain. Or next to you on the food chain. Tell everyone. Employees want to know!





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