When it doesn’t feel right……

Recently I was approached with an opportunity to be part an online learning community. I won’t bore you with the details but the business model and service never really resonated with me. However I was being polite and left communications with the company open. I had a phone conversation with a representative of the company and many back and forth emails. She was informative and not pushy at all – which is what I like.let_go_balloon-300x225

She hoped to set me up to talk with the company founder in November. And December. And January. I kept deferring the call as I “was traveling too much and several big projects on my plate.”

Now I wasn’t telling a lie. I was on the road speaking and RECESSitating from early September thru early December; then again most of January. We were all set to finally talk today.

90 minutes before the call I emailed her to cancel. Go back to the second sentence. It never really resonated with me.

I’ll find the time to work on something that excites me. I’ll find the time to jump on a project that is interesting. I won’t sleep or ride my bike when there is enthusiasm. But I also don’t want to waste anyone’s time. And this was not only going to be a waste of my time but a waste of their time.

People often say that opportunity doesn’t knock twice. This one knocked several times yet I still never saw the opportunity and was actually relieved to send them to the next door. I also should have been more honest with myself and them right from the beginning.

Can you relate?

The good news is I can get back to working on my next idea. The one I’m excited about. The one that feels right.





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